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Decided some of the succulents at my house were in need o...

Decided some of the succulents at my house were in need of an intervention. Velvet Elvis was liberated from the shade of this jade plant. #SucculentSquad
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Nice! Seems I’m not the only one with every surface being messy... πŸ˜…
Poor jade plant πŸ€•beautiful jade tho ❀️
@Avocadonerd ha! Immediately after taking the picture I closed the cookbook…. But I still got dirt on my roommate’s mail. Sorry! 🀭
@Somelady I adore gollum jade! They’re so whimsical. What exactly is velvet Elvis?
@PoniesAndPlants I have no idea. Definitely a secculant. Started out way more Chicks and hens shaped, but I think the brown tips were always there. Any thoughts? I figured I would let it settle a n a little and ask for help from the Greg community.
@Somelady Elvis does look a little sad, but he’s got an observant mom so I’m sure he will be back to his lovely self in no time! I love gollum jade btw. Reminds me of an aquatic plant…or someplace where fairies congregate…
@Somelady could you possibly send a better pic of him? I really need to look at the petal arreangement from the top of the stalk. Please & thank you!!
It’s branched, so those are the β€œtops β€œ