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Anyone have a gnat problem? I notice a couple of movement in the soil n found a couple stuck to that sticky pad ..Should I be worried for an infestation? How can i control it ?
If you have it near other plants that aren’t showing signs of gnats, quarantine the affected plant so they don’t spread.
One thing you can do is buy mosquito bits, which kill mosquitos and their larvae in gardens, but also will kill gnats and gnat eggs. They’re pellets, and you can shake them up with some water and then pour the water into the affected plant. This should kill all the eggs/larvae. In terms of the living/flying gnats, the sticky soil inserts should be all you need. Once the eggs are all dead and the living gnats are all caught on the sticky thing, your problem should be solved.
@JazzedFlax thanks ima try that mosquitoes bits thanks for the info
4w ago
I used rubbing alcohol solution. Half rubbing alcohol, half water with a touch of dawn dish soap. I spray my plants with it and sometimes I put just dawn dish soap straight into the soil. Let it sit for a bit then water my plants. I also spray this on the adults.
@SMM wow never heard of it but any info will be great
I've done what @JazzedFlax has done and it's a perfect combo. Has kept the gnats away for a long while.

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