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Cleaning day for my rubber tree. Needless to say I was sh...

Cleaning day for my rubber tree.
Needless to say I was shocked at how big she had gotten. I hadn't noticed with her being tied up all the time. I did notice a few things that concern me. These marks on a few leaves, and this kinda split in one of the stems. This plant is about 15 years old. Would love to get your thoughts greggers. #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #rubberplant #ficus #ficusgang #ficuselastica #rubbertr #jodisplace
Wow! I hope my Frank Sinatra gets this big! #oopstheregoesanotherrubbertreeplant
Yea I’d say those marks on the stem and leaf would be concerning. I don’t have one this big but I don’t think I’ve seen anything on the stems that look like that as it grows.
That is called bark necrosis. It’s either a pathogen or virus that has forced the tree to stop making the rubber and cause a certain portion to dry up or it was due to certain stressors in environment. It doesn’t always lead to tree loss. Just try to stabilize its environment and make sure it is getting the right water and humidity as well as light. If you feed the tree, make sure you aren’t using anything that has a high amount of ammonium nitrate in its nitrogen composition. It’s like giving it β€œspeed” and eventually, the build up will cause a steady and rapid decline.
Thank you @AnthuriumQueen and @KDkat3 I really appreciate your input. Nothing has changed other than our weather in the environment. I have noticed it dropping a few leaves both young and old. Have been considering chopping and propping to control height. What would you treat her with for the viral or bacterial. As far as fertilizer only happy Happy has bee used during grow season.
@Stall54Jo I wouldn’t use that product. High in ammonium nitrate if you read its label. Rapid growth above ground means unsteady growth below. I focus on root health only. Slow and steady wins the race. Overall health is more important.

Things you can find about it online: it is so high in nitrogen, it is most often used in commercial agriculture as a fertilizer. Despite its effectiveness, however, it is banned in several countries because it can be extremely volatile when mixed with certain additives, or on its own under the right circumstances.

…What happens when you mix water and ammonium nitrate? It feels cold when ammonium nitrate is dissolved in water which indicates an endothermic reaction. In an endothermic reaction, the ammonium nitrate dissolves in water, a chemical reaction that absorbs heat rather than releases it.

Ammonium nitrate is an explosive. If used in fertilizer, anything above 10% ammonium nitrate can be harmful in the long term.

There is no cure for necrosis. Nothing you can use unless it’s commercialized and you have access to it for me an agricultural aspect can help. However, you can try to support that growth by focusing on the roots. Myco is a powder I use to help roots grow. Healthy plants need a substantial root system. You have a tree. Check your roots and soil for pests. High nitrogen triggers nitrogen hungry pests. I would likely start there and also check the nitrogen level in the soil as well as the other two values. You may be deficient in one because of the nitrogen.
Oh my goodness so beautiful 😍
WOW. I am in utter shock that so much could be going on here that I had no clue about. I will do as you suggest, check the soil and amend as needed, and really focus on a healthier root system. I want to keep her healthy.
@Stall54Jo the marks on the foliage is salt burn. I’ve seen it when there’s too much nitrogen in the plant. It has to release it somewhere. This is why I prefer low doses of nitrogen and I’m picky about the nitrogen contents. Best of luck.