Posted 3w ago by @ZealRosemary

I'm just starting my plant journey, but went to lowes today and scored a ton of plants half off because the lady said she wanted someone to take good care of them. So glad to find Greg for help.
Wow! These are so pretty! I just got my first snake plant yesterday. Glad to see you got one too. We can be on the snake plant journey together. 🐍
Welcome to Greg Jenni! What great choices as first plants
I think there are 2 snake plants. The lady told me someone had removed "him" and put a very expensive pla t in his pot instead, and left him to die. So she placed him with another snake plant and has been caring for him and really likes him. Lol. She said she just knew they were right for me.
Omg I love this! I wish all Lowes workers were like this! She definitely picked the perfect person it seems like! And these are super simple plants too! Esp the snake plant ! Welcome to Greg!
Oh WOW!! Welcome to Greg, Jenni and congratulations on your SCORE!! πŸ’š

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