Posted 1w ago by @Roserade

Another vacation #SpringIntoSummer pic. Not sure what this is but it’s gorgeous!
Best Answer
So pretty!! It's a Flame Tree - you can grab some pods!!
@sarahsalith really???? I think I will do that!
@Roserade yes! From the picture, they look dark and if they are brittle, that's good!
Thought that pod was a giant snake 🐍 at first! Beautiful flowers on it
Where are you on vacation?
@Colin Sanibel Island FL
@Colin ME TOOOOOOOO in my head I was typing β€œuh, a snake 🐍 β€œ
@Roserade ahhhh I used to work at Shell Point right over the bridge in ft myers!!!!
@Jilliebeanstalk small world!!! Been coming to Sanibel for over 30 years!
@Roserade it’s teeny tiny!!! My best friends go there constantly and the husband landscapes all around there. Hope your trip is wonderful!!!

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