Posted 1w ago by @PlantEsteem

🥳🤯🥳🤯🥳🤯🥳🤯🥳🤯🥳🤯OMG!!!! @jcPlantProper
Janai you are the most wonderful awesome thoughtful GREATEST plant pal ever!!!
I can't believe I have all this plant art now!!!!!!! 😲🥺😭🥰
I am truly drowning in leaves thanks to you. I couldn't even get through the box......I was so touched....and like hyperventilating from gasping.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I will have a proper post with pics in the morning.....I just couldn't finish unpacking without thanking you.
Isn’t that so FUN!!!!! You deserve all the things! Did you get the keychain too??
YES!!! This is amazing!
@jcPlantProper YES!! I got the Keychain too. I am gonna have a BIG photo shoot later. For my show off post....
@sarahsalith SO amazing. Hubby is getting a new saw and gonna practice making frames.....I got some art now! 🥰😁
@PlantEsteem that makes me happy. That’s one of each one! Can’t wait to see what you do w it
I am going to work on my whale fin design took some work but I think I have a good theme you will like @jcPlantProper

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