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The thing that kicked off my love of plants was my grandpas aloe plants. He gave all of us a piece of his mother plant and ours had gotten out of control. It's been split up more than once and two months ago I had to do it again.

Some sections were SUPER leggy so I got bold and chopped off all the tops and replanted the bottoms. NOW LOOK! IT'S SPROUTING BABY LEAVES! My boldness has paid off!
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Wow! Can you explain what you did here? My aloe is extremely leggy and it’s turning brown. I’m worried that it might die. Do you think that if I chop it off I might have a chance to save it??
Oh yours can definitely turn around. This was the initial plant I chopped. Basically removed the middle part. I left about 2-3 inches on the top part for stability. Let them callous over 3 days and then popped them in dirt. The bottoms I moved into their own pots. It's taken a while for them to sprout. Like 2 months. Reasons they get leggy is either too much water or lack of sun. If the length bothers you you can totally chop it.
@discreetwildyam thank you so much!! I will try that!
@discreetwildyam you are the maker of life!

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