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I see that there are majority potted plants on here, how do people like having their plants in the ground? Majority of my plants are actually in the ground.
I’d love to have a garden one day, but I’ve mostly lived in apartments.
I have some veggie beds and flower beds!
There are actually quite a few that have a large focus on outdoor gardening. You should reach out to them. I know @RJG @ has a wonderful green thumb and a large following. He could probably put you in touch with many others @KyleThisIsNot
@Stall54Jo thank you. I'm mainly looking for others to follow just to keep an active feed and see others since I'm new at all this. So this is perfect!
Hey Kyle!

Welcome to Greg! If you wanna see some stuff I have posted you can look at #RJGsYard, #BackyardBananas, and #ProduceByRJG!

In the future we plan on rolling out more support for in ground plants too!

If you have any questions or ideas for the app feel free to reach out! Tag a post w #GregFeedback and someone from our team will make sure to reach out!

We're so glad to have you! Happy growing!

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