Posted 1w ago by @ThePlantEdit

Basil Update! I have not been home but my husband took good care of him. He is so big! #SweetBasil #NewGrowth #TexasGregGang #CentralTexasGang
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
Yayy! Beautiful Bazz! Hubby did good.
😍😍😍 SO MANY!!
@fabiana I know!! I can’t wait for it to continue to grow!! I can’t believe how much it’s grown in such a short period of time!
@ThePlantEdit Yesss! and how long has it been like a week? Basil grows like CRAZY!
@fabiana a little over 2 weeks! It’s wild!
That’s a good husband! Basil looks so good! I love it!

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