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Hello all you beautiful plant lovers!!! I am new to plant parenthood. I recently received these babies from a client and I need advise on what to do. She is relaxing in some purified water and suntanning but I know I need to repot her, when? She’ll be a hanging plant so she can continue to grow in length, I have a huge 10ft window she can enjoy. It does get direct hot sun light tho, is that ok?? Please help me!! #NewGrowth #NewPlantMom
4” pot
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Your gorgeous plant will not appreciate all that light. They like bright light, but not direct light. They can even tolerate lower than bright light, so they are great to decorate with around the house!

When your stems get a good set of roots, it will appreciate a well draining soil in a pot with drainage. It will look great as a hanging plant!
I try to wait to plant it until it has roots around 3 inches.

as for the window, what direction does it face?

Also welcome to plants and our little Greg community here! If you ever have any feed back for our app please post a comment w #GregFeedback and we'll try and get back to you shortly!!

Happy growing!
also get used to @sarahsalith beating me to comments by seconds 😂☺️
@sarahsalith oh thank you sooo much. I have a huge black wall and 3 large windows opposite. It may do well there then. Thank you 🥰🥰🥰
@RJG got it, wait on roots! I figured but I wanted to make sure. Window is west. Thanks for great advise!!!!
I think it will look amazing in contrast! I love pothos because you can chop them up and have multiple stems in a pot and it will look so full and gorgeous in no time!

Please be sure to post a picture when you've got it up on that wall. 💚
@CourtneySharp then I agree with @sarahsalith that that's probably too much light but if you had it like across the room from that window it would thrive!

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