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I may have made a mistake but n’joy (I think) sproutacus ...

I may have made a mistake but n’joy (I think) sproutacus looks like it was declining. I believed it was in too big of a pot and I got this snowy morning today that needed new potting so I decided to put them together I am expecting this to be a failure, but I’m still hoping it works οΏΌοΏΌ #pothos #PothosNJoy #pothossnow #repot #plantmixing
2ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
@BotanicalMouse Hi and Welcome to Greg! Everyone here is happy to help with any questions you have but it helps if you add hashtags to your post so more people see it ☺️
I looked at the original picture of your N'joy and yes ma'am I agree with you that it likely was in too big a pot. But that really depends on how big the root ball is πŸ€” I feel safe saying that you made the right decision though πŸ‘πŸ» and don't doubt yourself so much! 🫢🏼
@Lifeis2short can you look at my other one Octavia? She has new growth but I’m worried her pot is too big too, I don’t want to repot her again since there is a new leaf it has two cuttings in it
@BotanicalMouse, Octavia is in too large of a container, for sure. For reference, you want to put a plant in a container NO BIGGER than 2 sizes bigger than their root ball.... but 1 size is better. The problem with going too big is that the plant is too little to use all the water in the soil, and it doesn't evaporate fast enough.... so the plant essentially drowns. You'll want to repot Octavia back down to say, a 3" pot? Lots of drainage holes, very loose, chunky soil.

I made the same mistakes as a beginner! Heck, we all do. And, I have heard lots of people say that their n'joy is picky and hard to keep happy compared to other pothos. I know mine is!
@HeyLillie I am was originally going to put them in the white pot but saw it was 4 propagated cuttings and thought I could have two plants and seperated them two and two but I think I need to repot her as well but I’m going to wait until the leaf is unraveled before I disrupt her I’m scared it will harm the new leaf
Just a thought for you... more cuttings in one pot = fuller, more lush plant, long term!
@HeyLillie haha yeah I realized that, that’s why I added the new pothos with sproutacus but I do think I want to keep Octavia as just herself, her new leaf budded my love for taking care of plants so keeping her as her self and later on adding cuttings of herself to herself is my plan now
@BotanicalMouse I have to agree with everything @HeyLillie said ☺️