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Used my #rootingpowder and #rootingvitaminelixir from outside of eden plants on some stubborn props today. All of the props on the hanging #propagationstation were started at weeks ago. The oldest are the baltic blue props which were actually started in a different set up on July 1. I had 14 props initially and these 4 (plus one in another area) just have not rooted at all while the others have been potted already. I added vitamin elixir per directions and fresh water to these. I even used the remaining mix to water an orchid I've been struggling to rehab since late May.

The cups have wet stick props that I removed from those baltic blue pothos props that had already rooted when I potted them a few weeks ago. They have started to form leaf buds, but no roots. Those got a dab of rooting powder on two nodes each. Finally an itty-bitty wet stick of a neon pothos I saved from a dying plant at the zoo. Some rooting powder for him too. Let's see what happens! @ForFoxSake
#update these pictures were taken on August 2, and today, September 4, the 3 wet stick props with no roots a month ago were ready for soil! This was after a full month of attempted rooting in water / perlite from July 1 to August 2. A win for rooting powder! Updated photo in comments.

Now where to use that #keikipaste ..πŸ€”

Does this count for #sciencewithgreg #pothospack #propagation #rehabplants #clubkeiki
So it's not just me! Baltic blues take FOREVER to root! They don't die but they won't root either.. mines finally started doing something. I swear it's been at least 2 months 😩

Watching to see what happensπŸ‘€
@ManyLime it was so strange. I had a bunch of them rooting together in three different cups with water and/or perlite and there were 1-2 in each that just didn't root. And the ones that did all rooted higher up on the vine leaving multiple nodes below with nothing which is where the wet sticks came from. These were all from one plant that got root rot and I trimmed and put remaining roots in water which then continued to rot until I stripped them and started all over. So finicky!
Baltics will root up faster I’ve found if you refresh the water every 3-4 days and water with a diluted clonex mixture. I use 5ml to 500ml of distilled water in my prop vials and they are always producing viable roots to transition to fluval/Pon. This saves me weeks even months compared to using no hormones and tap water.
I think I used fish tank water.. honestly I don't even remember now... I think this last round I threw everything at it and got a root 🀣🀣
Someone suggested honey, tried that for a week. And tried peroxide.. and golden pothos.. mind you I still only got a nib of a nub 😩
I have found that rooting cuttings along with golden pothos really seems to help, I've got ZZ cuttings that have popped roots, started them in July 18, I don't use anything like rooting powder (don't have any, LOL) I'm pretty amazed at their progress!!
That's a win for rooting powder! 2 months of nothing using perlite and then water and suddenly after 3 applications rooting powder in perlite, viola!

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