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Sorry I’ve been on here minimally lately—work has taken up all of my time lately. I work 12 hour shifts and it’s exhausting. But… I have a Lithops making a flower bud—my first ever Lithops flower! And I also included photos of my mutant Lithops that made two extremely tall heads, in summer when it’s not supposed to, and which refuses to absorb its old leaf pair (despite it being ripped open). He’s my problem child. 😅 #PlantAddict #Lithops #LithopsArmy #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #Succulent #Mesembs #BloomingSuccs #MutantSuccs
I love them! They look so healthy and happy! 🤗💚🌿
@BalancedBonsai thank you! I’m totally obsessed with Lithops, tbh. 😅
@Jana85 they are the cutest of all the weird plants by far. I don’t have any- yet 😉
I had no idea these guys flowered! That's awesome!

I want to get a few of these but I'm afraid I will mess up their watering routine and rot them. For now I'll admire from afar until I get brave enough to try it 😂
@BalancedBonsai it’s a matter of time until you get some. Once you fall in love with Lithops, there’s no turning back. Lol. Btw, Mountain Crest Gardens is having a Labor Day sale today, 20% off. Most of my succs came from there.
@Jana85 thank you! I’m going to check it now 💚
@tmbryant37 you just have to do your research so you know how to care for them, but once you understand it, they’re really easy to care for. They do everything very slowly, so you have to be patient with them—watering them may take days to show fewer wrinkles. It’s important to know they can’t absorb water if it is over 67 degrees, too, which is why they’re considered summer dormant—most people have warm summer nights.
@Jana85 Thanks for the info! I do think eventually I'll get one, just have to find the right one for me. They come in so many colors and such I can't make up my mind
@Jana85 I think most of us who have watched you grow your lithops are obsessed now right @PlantEsteem !🥰🥰🥰
@tmbryant37 the brown and gray ones (bromfeldii and salicola) are the easiest to grow. They supposedly tolerate overwatering better than others. But, idk if that’s really true. I REALLY want a green one like julii and a whitish one, like Dorothea. Sato’s violet is also really awesome. All on the wish list. Lol. On Etsy, yongquanLITHOPS is a great seller if you want to choose neat colors. I bought Lapidaria margaretae from him.
@FirstCanna but I mean how is anyone not obsessed with the tiny butts? Lol
@Jana85 I’m not really sure… they are the awesomest thing I have ever seen!🥰💕💕💕
I am obsessed!! Love these lil guys! @FirstCanna
@Jana85 so appreciative of your knowledge and willingness to teach me the #lithopsarmy ways! 🥰🙏
@PlantEsteem any time! I definitely want everyone to enjoy their Lithops and not stress over them, so I’ll gladly tell everyone all the things I wish I’d known from the beginning! ☺️
@Jana85 Thank you! I'll have to check out his shop and see what speaks to me. That violet one sounds amazing!

I think if I got one from a reputable seller that is healthy when it comes to me I could figure it out. Might have to give it a go this fall when things start to cool down a bit.
@Jana85 I love mountain crest they have such healthy plants!
@tmbryant37 it’ll be easier to establish it when nights are cooler and you can water it without fear.
@FirstCanna they really do! And they’re pretty cheap, really. I love how huge the selection is.
@Jana85 I think so. Once I get into a rhythm with it and can see the change in its growing habits across the seasons it will make more sense to me
They have some really usual plants too @Jana85 I go for the unusual lol👍🏻
@FirstCanna this variegated haworthia came from them and I’m in love with it. It looks like it’s made of glass.
@Jana85 I may have to look into that…🤭 at the moment I’m doing cactuses though…
@FirstCanna I don’t have a ton of cacti, but pine cone cacti are super adorable. I’d love to have a tephrocactus geometricus but they’re so expensive! And I really admire @RJG ‘s spiral cactus!!
@Jana85 I like the flowering ones the most💕
@FirstCanna my spiral cactus has probably the most beautiful cactus flower I've ever seen. Look up Ceres forbesii spiralis
@RJG they are pretty awesome! I’m very obsessed with cacti flowers!😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫💕💕💕
@Jana85 This is amazing!!!!!! I just had time to really looks at your pics and READ this🤣🤣 I can't wait to see updates. They looks SO happy and awesome! #LithopsArmyGoals 🤩🤩🥰 "you can have as many pet rocks as you want" 😉🤣🥰
@FirstCanna obsessed for good reason! They are awesome. Have you ever been to the desert in spring?? Oooo....comes to life with leaves and flowers from the most unlikely sources. Fascinating!!🥰🤩
Oooo ....that delicate looking. I have not pulled the trigger although I have seen some's the care on that one @Jana85 ??🤩🤩🤔🤔
@PlantEsteem I agree with that 100%! Lol! I have never been to the desert to see the flowers, but I would really love to! It’s such a different environment than Kentucky. I’ve found all of my haworthia to be super easy to care for, but I read ones with less chlorophyll like this need a bit more light since they aren’t as efficient in using it. I’ve had it under my grow lights since I got it and it has seemed happy.
@Jana85 good to know!
I was in Arizona for spring like 6 years ago...1 brief rain and the next week ...bam! So many leafy flowery things. Amazing! I'll have to look in my cloud...I know I took pics 🤣🤣
@Jana85 Found some pics! 2015....jeesh!!! So I had a cactus from Walmart with those fake flowers....pulled it off but some stuck. I pulled that guys first flower off cause I thought it was pieces of the fake one🤭🤣
It was beautiful there....if you ever can go try for spring. It was happenstance for me but so happy I was there.
@PlantEsteem wow! Look at those cacti! Are those saguaro? And that’s so funny about the cactus flower. 😂
@jana85 Yes! they are saguaro my hubby is in there somewhere....he's 6 foot so HUGE cactus. 💚🌵
We went to a ostrich farm...outside of Tucson. They had a tour and talked about the saguaro...they are AMAZING plants!

At the time....I didn't think cactus ACTUALLY flowered so the fake ones were even more corny in my mind. My mind was truly blown!🤯
@PlantEsteem my only cactus to flower so far is my thimble cactus. It has tiny flowers but it made bunches of them last spring. I’m going to have to get some types that flower those huge flowers because they are pretty spectacular!
@jana85 I spectacular! @SirLiquorice is having some awesome flowers this year. Have you see some of the pics?! 🤤🤤🤤🤯
@PlantEsteem I haven’t been on this app much in the past week or so thanks to my job taking over my life, but their oasis is GOALS.
Definitely @Jana85. Dig around if you have time...I know it's a rabbit hole but the cactus flowers lately are worth the time suck! 😉🥰🤣
My daughter was just telling me she would like to have these but I haven’t seen them in our local nursery
Ugh. These are just so adorably weird!! Definitely one of my next....
Very cool 🤘
Here is my little guy! I Think this is such a cute little plant. I’d love to get more but have only ever seen this one at any nursery I’ve gone too.
Woah, those are super freaky but amazing! Wonderful work, they look great! So happy and healthy! 😊
@PolkaDotGreenery sometimes they get them at Lowes or Home Depot. You can order them online, too. We don’t have a large selection of succulents in Kentucky so I have to order a lot of mine.
Thank you @Jana85 . I will have to check there.
@RavenBlair2022 make sure you plant it in a really gritty substrate so it doesn’t rot on you. Maybe you’ll find some more—I always look for them anytime I see succulents for sale. They’re addictive and you can’t have just one. Lol
@UnbiasedTree haha they are definitely not very plant-like, but that’s why I love them!
They're so cool!
I’m digging your problem child!
@Lithopslover hahaha idk what I’m gonna do with that guy! Hopefully he figures it out.

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