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Some #Anthurium we saw at the Swap yesterday. First 2 pics we got this big No ID (anyone have any ideas) and this wasn't even the biggest leaf! It had reddish petioles if that helps. I was so shook by these guys I forgot to take pics and had to screen grab video! Then the next 2 are a HUGE hanging Anthurium, but can't remember what he said even tho I asked like 6 times! I'm definitely getting into Anthurium soon!! #greggang #greggers #northtexasgreggang #greginyourcity #gregmagic #easttexasgreggang #plants #houseplants #theplantdadlife #heyyall #plantparenthood #plantparent #plantmom #plantdad #plantcommunity #payitforward #giveback #happyplants #bebetter #spreadlove #keepgrowing #community
And some baby #Warocqueanum I believe...
It looks like the Magnificum! Very large leaves and a stunner!
@ThePlantDadLife the first pic if a Philodendron gloriosum or a Anthurium magnificum. My plant ID gave me two different ones it could be. He is the second one Philodendron gloriosum. I use LeafSnap and it’s really good by IDing plants.
Yes! The big hanging one with darker leaves was a Magnificum (or "Mag"). It was def not a Gloriosum. It is one of the shops plant and is a No ID Anthurium they said.
@ThePlantDadLife Looks like a regale x queen to me but I could be so wrong haha. I dream of having a king and queen one day!
@KikiGoldblatt Hi! The Glouriousum has white veining and has a satin velvet finish and doesn’t have this veining. The Magnificum has this veining and is similar to the crystallinum but a heavier velvet texture with a less bright vein color. I used to get confused until I got used to them. There are so many that it’s hard to keep track not to mention many nurseries love to cross-breed them to get rid of the undesirable traits of one while giving the plant the best of both. Every time I see the x, I’m like β€œOh, no… What is it going to look like?” 🫣 I’m scared of most I grow because they have the x. I’m always eager to see their leaf formation. So far, so good but as difficult as these can become, I like the pure species of the plant. πŸ˜…
@HoyaAddict the queen! 😍😍😍 So beautiful!
@FitSedum 🀀
I want ALL of the things! πŸ˜‚

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