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🌱Current projects☀️ #PropagationStation #HappyPlants #Suc...

🌱Current projects☀️ #PropagationStation #HappyPlants #SucculentLove #PlantTherapy #PothosPack #Philodendron #SucculentSquad #Begonia #GregGang
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Oh wow! 🤩😍So many!! Yay!!

Are those the tulips from Target at the bottom of the pic? I drilled holes in them to put some small props! 🤩
@SunnyPlants that’s a fantastic idea thank you!! Yes from target! Too cute to pass up🥹🫶🏻
😊 Def too cute to pass up! 🌷🤩
Love your philodendron Brasil props!! 💚
@JesssJungle thank you!! I’m trying! Have yet to have a successful philodendron propagation 🥲🥲🥲
These are beautiful
@Alycia what are the plants with the large white and green leaves? Albos?
@Seymour n joy pothos🥰 my baby
@Alycia wow, they look really nice and healthy...I am still adjusting to calling my Devil's Ivy a Golden Pothos LOL 😆 😄
@Seymour lol so many names and nicknames to keep up with 😅
@Alycia yes, but I have to say Golden Pothos🏆🎖 sounds much less sinister than Devil's Ivy 😈 so I no longer have to worry that it's possessed LOL
@Seymour lol that’s fair!! Two very opposite nicknames, they have two moods I guess 🙃adds up
@Alycia yes, maybe it depends if they are behaving. A bit like a parent using our full names of we do something Golden Pothos when he is good and Devil's Ivy when he is bad!! 😂😔
@Seymour that’s perfect I love it😂😂