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Hey friends!! My boyfriend took me out for a little date afternoon after work 😊, we went to the next town over and got some food, went to their lowes, I’m easy to please 🀣, got some soil I’ve been needing, a on clearance sneke bebe @PlantEsteem , did some work and removed some stupid glued on flowers πŸ™„, and some STARBIES, now listen y’all I’m simple I function off of (plants, true crime, coffee, piercings, and baking) if anyone else loves coffee trust me on this and get a iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso butttt add pumpkin coldfoam 🀀 my GO TO fall drink rn, my boyfriend religiously gets a iced matcha latte with light ice and vanilla syrup, anyways my best friend moved 3 hrs away for college but we’ve been seeing a movie every fri or sat night when she comes in to town and that’s been our ritual for 2 months so far, she keeps me sane yall, when my newest piercing my conch decides to like me again I’m ready for a new one!! Soon a tattoo matching with my momma that I drew πŸ₯Ί, anyways what’s your weekend looking like? What’s some outside of plant hobbies are you into? Any crime podcast recommendations? What’s your 9-5 my friends!! Let’s hear it I wanna be nosy 🧐 πŸ€ͺ #plantmommo #NKYGregGroup #GregGang #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SnakePlant #LowesHatesPlants
Here’s SOME. It depends on how graphic you want and how long you want
Under tow, paralyzed and end of hope is fictional and the rest are true crime.
I rescued a snake last weekend! Gonna have a snakey photo shoot in the good light for tomorrow.πŸ˜‰

I watch alot of documentaries and true crime.....but most days I am listening to music and bee bopping all over the house....and watch my chickens.

I'm a plain Jane cream and sugar coffee girl.....but a Chai tea latte that is my special vacation treat!! 🀣🀣

That what you want @Mrgncrch ??
@jcPlantProper I’m SUPER into housewives of true crime I love them, I need to venture out a little I’ll try these out!!
@PlantEsteem my question is do you name all of the chickens because I totally would
@PlantEsteem I’m gonna put a shelf up soon for my sneke babies perfect for our weekly photos 🀭
@Mrgncrch LITERALLY. now it’s one story per episode
I spy πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ˜πŸ˜!! Plants,Books, Coffee and when I find time I like to write. I love crime fiction books, mysteries, sci fi, and apocalyptic. My fave podcast is WINE & CRIME. Them ladies crack me uppp. I love to walk in Central Park when it’s raining… I find it so grounding. If I get a day off while the kiddos are at school you can find me at the zoo… not trying to take a peacock home πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. My work history is mainly warehouse and teaching however I want to go back to school for nursing. 😊
@jcPlantProper i stopped listening because I liked the whole season one story thing but I know it’s hard to find huge stories like that
@jcPlantProper I really enjoy counterclock! She does whole season cases each episode is like 25 mins and they focus on different aspects so it’s not one long thing you get lost in
@LatiTish84 i loveeeee the rain! I’m not to into reading but I’m trying so hard to be 😊 oooo you get that nursing degree!!!
@Mrgncrch let me see that one! Counterclock. Yeah it’s still good, some have two parts
You should listen to the β€˜In the Red Clay’ podcast. It’s about the Dixie Mafia.
omg baking! i just made my first sourdough loaf and i’m so proud of herπŸ₯Ή. if you have a dutch bros near you they have a carmel pumpkin brulee cold brew and ITS SO GOOD.
I used to have my conch pierced, I kind of miss all of my piercings. All that is left is triple forward helix. I had my rook, snug, conch, and tragus before I became a boring old lady. πŸ˜‚
@annapop That looks fabulous! I bet it tastes even better! πŸ† πŸ‘
@Kace Oh my god we must talk piercings brb while I come back to interigate you
@Mrgncrch They were all on my ears.
I have a tragus on my list!!! How is that?!
Yes. Awesome. I should email the company doing that or contact them somehow. We all should write them and ask them to stop hot gluing weird chunks of plastic onto the plantsπŸ˜‚. @Kace that’s funny I also had some unusual ear piercings. The 4 ga needles going through the conch is not pleasant especially two on each side. But the next morning was the more painful part. The rook piercing was pretty painful however just because it took so long. I used to work as a sterilization technician at a shop called backbone body modifications. Which they did just about anything you could think of. Branding and scarification and some implants even. Which I never did myself. But I had to help people with all the correct info on care for their piercing depending on location and correct size the piercing should be as well. So areas require a larger ga needle to be used to avoid it getting torn out easily. And of course using the ultrasonic machine and autoclave.
@Mrgncrch Most of my chickens have names....and some actually respond to them! Snakes definitely need their own shelves. πŸ₯°
@Mrgncrch Less pressure than the conch. Healing was easier too.
@SirLiquorice Do you miss the piercings sometimes? You could probably name a cactus or two after the gauge of their spines. πŸ˜‚
Yeah I liked those piercings especially because nobody else had them. After being at the body piercing shop all day I wanted to get something I never saw anyone else with. And it was also kinda more extreme than most people would ever get. But I really liked them.
@Kace @SirLiquorice I currently have a triple lobe on both sides a daith and a conch next on my list is a double helix tragus and a rook , what’s your alls full list you had? 😊 My daith has been the easiest healing, my conch was pierced with a hoop and it’s been rough
@annapop The bread is so cute πŸ₯°
@PlantEsteem My goal is to have designated shelfs for different kinds like my snakes, my syngoniums, my pothos and so on!
@Kace never to old for piercings!
@jcPlantProper I love ear hustle.
I like to paint and plant and I and my coffee preferences are cream only hot or iced. I work at manufacturing plant chances are if you have eaten at a KFC in the last five years I made the butter!!! Lol. My husband is a production supervisor at a different company. I have two sons 10 and 16. I also like super nerdy LitRPG books like primal hunter and the underworld series. I will add some photos of my paintings.
@Mrgncrch that's a great idea! Then you can customize all the things the species would like in the shelf.
@A.J. your paintings are amazing!! I really dig the one above the towel holder....🀩🀩 you have such a good eye. I love all the photos you post too! πŸ₯°
@PlantEsteem thank you very much. I love taking pictures as much as growing.
Almost forgot my fur babies
@Mrgncrch that was my entire list πŸ˜‚ Maybe I’ll go get my tragus done again. My conch was done with a giant curved barbell. The snug was done with a hoop. Do they still tell you to use ivory soap to clean it?
@Mrgncrch I have the septum at 8ga and it’s permanently open at this point since I’ve had it since I was 16. It was pierced at that size not stretched. The inner conch on both ears had two 4 ga barbells in each ear. I was going to switch to hollow so I could have a ring orbit inside the two holes together. I had a daith piercing on one side and rook on the other. Plus ear lobes pierced at 8ga. And had eyebrow pierced back when 16. I think that’s it. Since I worked at the shop I would show up to high school with a different piercing everyday for awhile at one point. I got the septum and I didn’t even want it. I was just bored at work and we didn’t have customers. I told the piercer how I didn’t really want that piercing and he said you gotta get that one. So he pierced it at a 8ga really quickly since I said why not then. And then customers came in the shop right after.
I only had to pay cost for the jewelry and didn’t have to pay labor on the cost of the piercing so I was willing to get the septum because it didn’t really cost anything
@jcPlantProper you both make me want to check out some of these crime podcasts when I’m driving or before going to sleep or something
@Kace My piercer tells me to use H2Ocean which is my fav it’s a saline sea salt spray I won’t ever get anything not by him
@SirLiquorice they’re a good thing to occupy yourself like when cleaning driving or getting ready or different things!
@PlantEsteem Mary I love your chickens 😍
@Mrgncrch your boyfriend sounds amazing! What a good guy (my husband has the tendency to roll his eyes at anything plants lol) also love the fact you and your mom getting matching tattoos! I'm getting a monstera leaf with my brother signature on my birthday next month and can not wait!!
@SirLiquorice not before sleep or in the dark hahahahah
STOP I was literally gonna get that today but I got a vanilla bean (frap?) with brown sugar flavor it LITERALLY tasted like a Bath&bodyworksπŸ˜‚
@PlantyPlanter hmmm I need to try that!!!
@jcPlantProper I can’t before I sleep but my friend uses them as background noise and falls asleep to them πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
@Mrgncrch I’m going to Google that. Maybe I’ll get an old piercing redone. Midlife crisis here I come. πŸ˜‚
Plants. Coffee. Food. And of course the Dallas Cowboys.

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