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Mounted my ferns and ready for the next step!

I finally mounted my #ferns!

I had planned to mount my #staghornfern, but then found out I could mount my #birdsnestfern, too. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me but it is 100x easier to find a place it fits now that it's mounted.

There is a chance I'll add burlap to both, and tomorrow I have to tackle watering them (of course we had the perfect rainstorm today 🀦🏽). But for now I'm heading to bed with a big "to-do" checked off and I am so excited!
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Um!!! Hello! What a cool idea!

I just got a bunch of #birdsnestfern
Wow! I love it. I also love your doggy pic! 🐾🌱
Wait I’m confused!!! 1. I love this 2. I have a birds nest in the mail & @melodey woohoo. 3. Can I see the back? Where are the roots?? 4. What’s up with the nails around the circle ⭕️ I want this!! Wahhhh 😩
Very creative Ashley, I love those pieces of wood against your ferns they really stand out. πŸ₯°
@Jilliebeanstalk since they grow on trees in the wild, they like to grow attached to something. So, you make a circle the size of the current pot, which should be about the size of the root ball.
Then, you add the nails around the outside and hanging hardware on the back.
I put some moist Sphagnum moss in the center (thanks @sarahsalith), take your fern out of its pot and loosen the roots and get rid of some soil and plop it in the middle of the circle.
Add a medium on top, like more moist moss, then wrap it from nail to nail with something like twine or fishing line. Go around, over, back and forth, whatever ways you need to for your plant to be secure and you're done!
Most people water by placing in a tub of water, and misting in between.
I may add burlap because I have been holding onto some for something fun, and the circle for my birds nest was a bit big so I may want to hide it.

I've seen people do it another way where they form like a pouch out of burlap and set the plant inside, but I feel like that is potting it and not mounting? And it'll grow flat on one side? But also probably easier. Lol.

I meant to take more photos but it was late and my phone was dead. Let me know if you want some more close ups and I can post them for you!

Also, hope this was coherent. I haven't had coffee yet and baby was up at 4a 🧟
This is where I got my cedar, I got a small (6-8") board 20" long and cut it in half. It was perfect!
They. Look. AMAZING!
@PlantMompy brilliant idea πŸ’š
@discreetwildyam it is, but right now it's sitting on a box until I hang it so I didn't want to show you yet πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
@PlantMompy more pictures please! I have an Elkhorn Fern that I need to mount and I have been procrastinating because I am anxious about doing it wrong.

Here is a close up of the fishing line. Again, the root ball ended up being smaller than I thought here so the circle is bigger than it needed to be, but at least it means I can show you easily! πŸ˜‚ Again, I didn't make or follow a pattern, just made sure I hit every nail at least 2 times, started by being as close to the plant as I could and then worked my way out.
@PlantMompy do you it matters what type of wood I use?
@Marthamaywho92 from what I read you can attach it to literally anything using any medium you want. That said, I wanted something it could grip (unlike say, plexiglass).

I chose cedar because it is pretty resistant to water which means it won't rot with all the moisture but you can pick something else, just might need to remount sooner.