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Such cute lil flowers! So proud of my flower child. πŸ₯ΉπŸ§‘πŸ”₯ #RebutiaHeliosa #CactusFlowers #cactusmom #HappyPlants #NewPlantMom
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Sure beats the fake flowers you see in the store!
I must say the orange on your cactus is stunning I have never seen an orange bloom on a cactus in person or I mean even online I've never seen one that looks that stunning I just can't come up with a better word it's beautiful I must say it's probably going to be my favorite cactus now and I'm going to have to go look for one
Yes that orange pops. It’s so sexy
Mine too, not grafted
@BuoyantSandleek has them. I think maybe grafted and regular versions
@SirLiquorice ok I does this one have Sharp spines because every cactus that I have picked up in the store to buy I ended up putting back down because my hands jerk because of my condition I have no control over when they're going to jerk and whole body has this like it's kind of like Parkinson's but they haven't labeled it that but so I jerk a lot so that's the only reason why I haven't gotten a cactus yet so does this one the white one on that page does that one have like sharp spines because it doesn't tell you in that you know it just says it's got longer fuzzy but I don't know if I've done Aretha fuzzy is it sharp because I still have one on the side of my hand that I can't get out
The grafted one in the picture has shorter less pokey spines. But the two pics that cactus Dave sent are a little different. Longer more pokey spines. You should be able to find one with shorter less pokey spines. You’ll see in the pictures usually
@BuoyantSandleek I would probably go with that grafted one I sent. It’s the same type as the one in this post. Still has spines but not as scary and long and dangerous to hands. You can also get some gloves that will help protect your hands when carrying them around.
@BuoyantSandleek planet desert is also doing a 15% off Memorial Day sale
@SirLiquorice I only get paid once a month I live on SSI got a severe brain injury from my husband he tried to kill me with a hammer so being paid only once a month kind of sucks especially cuz it seems everybody has a sale at the end of the month when I have no money left and they're actually talking like next month that we're not even going to get paid till the end of the month because the president is going to hold the money because of the debt is too high The debt ceiling I guess that they call it so I might not even get paid next month but I really wish I could go buy one of those because I really do love them I've just don't know which ones like you said have big scary spines but with my jerking hands you know I don't want to hurt myself
@BuoyantSandleek I can send you a referral link from them and I think they give you at least 10% off when you are ready to place the order.
@BuoyantSandleek this is the referral link that gives you 10% off and it gives me points or something towards my next order for a discount I think.
@CaliCactusMan I plan on planting lil babies from the seeds, or propagating from the little ones already there, any suggestions when I do?
@BuoyantSandleek My rebutia heliosa has spines, but they are folded into each other, they’re kinda intertwined like fingers on holding handles, if you rub it really hard, it could definitely poke ya, but if you are gentle with it, it is harmless. 😊
@SirLiquorice thank you so much when I get paid I'm gonna tag you an you can pick the most rewarding an safe one for me if you do t mind I would greatly appreciate it
Ok because I really do want a.cactus I'm just scared because I jerk a lot
@BuoyantSandleek there are some cactus that don’t have any spines at all. So you could get one like that.
@BuoyantSandleek the one in this post shouldn’t be too dangerous if you accidentally touch the spines since they are tiny. But there are some cacti that are super spiky so I would avoid certain ones.
@BuoyantSandleek most of the cacti he sells have soft hair instead of spines so you won’t have to worry
@emiliology if planting seeds it’s a lot of work. But once you setup everything it’s not too bad. Here is a good video on growing cacti from seed.
@emiliology if growing from a pup just remove the baby and plant in cactus soil and wait. You may have to wait up to a month before you can even water. You have to wait until the roots start growing before you can water and only water lightly at first and try to wait until wrinkles or shriveling appears slightly. But don’t wait too long to water if that happens. Just be cautious not to overwater at first. I haven’t tried grafting but you could also graft a pup onto a dragon fruit cutting