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Good morning #GregGang 🥱☕️
Just spent the last few days in Vegas for a friends wedding. I may or may not have lost a few plants while I was gone, but that’s ok 🥲 #AITA for saying it’s fine because they weren’t any of my favorites? 😅

Haven’t been on here in awhile, my motivation in life has been blah. How’s everyone doing? Did I miss anything interesting? 🤙🏽💚

#PlantsMakePeopleHappy #MemeItUpMonday #plantjokes #plantmemes #MotivationStation
It's survival of the fittest in my house!! I'm glad you're back. (: Take a deep breath and maybe walk outside with your coffee and get some friggin sun. 😆

Here's a couple pictures of my plants I need to return to the earth. 🫠

(Don't tell anyone that the first one is from PP -- I TOTALLY KILLED it! 😆)
@sarahsalith that’s where I’m at lol! As long as it’s not my precious/expensive babies I’m not too devastated 😅😂
If only there was any 🥲 came back to a blizzard last night. At least upper 40s/lower 50s in Vegas I could still wear shorts and a hoodie.
Oh no the poor plants!! Shhh it’s ok *strokes pots and throws to the side* 😂😂
Oh the last time I took a trip I totally killed my first PP Hawaiian pothos 🥲 saves maybe a node or two and am still working on getting her back to her bushy glory…
Hi lovely 👋 @TattedHibiscus, awesome to see you check in! How are you doing, and what is going on, on your side of the internet? 🤔

I'm working through similar woes of life being extra stacked and I'm looking for my own personal watering schedule 😆

Take space for yourself and do something that you enjoy doing today.✨️

You got this, even if they are small baby steps 💛

Much love and comfort your way! 🌺
I feel guilty if a plant dies and I don’t care 🤷🏻‍♂️. Sumtimes i just don’t. But mostly I’m devastated 😝
Missed seeing you @TattedHibiscus sorry you came home to Ohio's snowy weather 🥶❄️🌨️ last year I arrived at Cleveland airport from a trip to Florida on Jan 17th, 2022 to that nasty blizzard we had!!
I’m sorry to be a stick in the mud, but here goes. This is a gentle reminder which I hope you won’t resent. 😕 We have kids on the app so we need to keep our posts PG. …..But I do like your drawing! 😃
I thought I'd killed my monstera with root rot, and stuck it outside to finish dying so I wouldn't have to watch it, and somehow it came back to life and I have two little leaves starting to unfurl. Sometimes, even when we give up life still finds a way to surprise us. I do pretend to not care about any of the plants that *chose* to die on me though.
I missed seeing you around here, @TattedHibiscus . I was wondering where you were. I hope you’re taking time to yourself. Give yourself the time you neee to feel better. It’s good to see your posts again.
@Tica hey!! Not too much, just boring old Ohio winter stuff lol! I feel like I’m just stuck in a loop of eat, sleep, work repeat 😓

Omg yes!! 🤣 Greg is there an option for that?? Asking for a friend 👀

I appreciate you 💚 Hoping you do the same until we get out of this funk!
@EdmundG I mentally just can’t deal with it right now 🤣 if one of my special guys die tho I will be devastated
@Sassylimey 💚💚 Every time I go somewhere for my birthday, we come back to a blizzard 🥲 omg yes, that was horrible!!! Ohios like “You had your nice weather, now I’m really going to make you suffer”
@TruthfulApricot I totally understand!! I will keep that in mind for future meme posts 🥰
@starfirejem I swear plants don’t like being kept as “house pets” lol. Keep me on a watering schedule? Nah. Perfect sun spot? Nope! Ahhh throw me outside in a trash can with random weather and almost no sun? Perfect!
@FitSedum thank you 🥰 I miss being here! I went on vacation so it was that, plus I just don’t have the motivation for social media right now. I feel like a bum just laying around and not doing anything productive, but hopefully nicer weather will come soon enough! I hate being cooped up
@TattedHibiscus I feel that. I’ve been cooped up for months and took a long break to feel somewhat exhausted and bummed. I get the S A D blues so I spend my time around my plants. I tend to disappear from all social media when I get overwhelmed with things. It’s much more than that but it comes down to that, if you know what I mean. This is the only app I do come to because it’s not negative. It’s nice to see plant progress even if they’re not mine.

It’s ok to not have motivation to post. It’s totally ok to not feel like being social. You’ll start when you do. Be kind to yourself. You weren’t forgotten or will you be if you take a break. I can promise you that. I can’t say why because we have kids here but maybe one day, I can explain further as someone who admins global groups on the blue book. Always put your wellness first and come back when you are ready. 🫶🏽
@TattedHibiscus Thank you so much for your understanding. You’re terrific!❤️❤️❤️

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