Posted 2M ago by @honeybees

my fairy castle is growing so well! but she desperately needs to be repotted, hoping I’ll have time to do it soon. Will be my first time repotting a cactus (or any plant for that matter) but I have an irl friend who has a ton of plants who said they’ll help me!

I have a super cute ceramic pot (with drainage!) that I’m planning on moving it to. It’s slightly larger so it should be a good option 🪴🌱
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Very nice looking fairy castle cactus, one of my favourites. Looks so similar to mine that I scooped from Trader Joe’s! Repotting always gives me such anxiety, so I’m glad you’ve got a friend to help you out! 🍃💦☀️
@00Severijn tysm! I actually got mine at trader joe’s as well! My boyfriend and I have matching ones haha

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