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Unexpected plant haul at Home Depot

Scored some cool finds at Home Depot when I stopped for a Christmas Gift. Didn’t find the gift I needed but I couldn’t not go past the plants…. Look at these cool guys! Their soil is awful so everyone is getting a terracotta pot with better soil. #tarantula #MingThing #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #CactusClique #Opuntia #Espostoa
I just got a tarantula too and I love it! Great finds 😍
@GaryPoopins it was the first thing I saw and I just had to have it. Then I started spotting so many others that I had to cut myself off at 6 🤣🤣
I bought exactly 6 new plants today, too 😆🙋🏻‍♂️
Love the Gasteraloe Tarantula (at least that’s what I think it is)! I’ve been trying to avoid the garden centers since I have decided I need to focus on keeping alive what I’ve got so far. Went with my husband to Lowe’s Sunday afternoon and it gave me the jitters to not go out to the garden center! I was practically drooling over the little Christmas Norfolk pines they had inside. I usually don’t wait but a day or two (until I can get a pot) to repot so I know that they’re in good soil.
Great find they are unusually pretty
@RefinedSandwort oh my goodness I was just saying preaching that to myself. It’s so hard. All my plant store shopping carts are full. I put plants in the cart then I take them out the cart and put them back. I’m driving myself crazy trying not to buy anymore for 2 months. That’s my goal. 😫
@FitBrowallia I feel your pain! I have managed to avoid the online plant store shopping, but it’s those stops by Home Depot and Lowes that make it difficult! Even the grocery stores are now sources of temptation!
@RefinedSandwort I do my plants shopping online to get excited twice when I buy them and again when they arrive. My home depot and Lowe’s don’t have the good stuff like yours
@FitBrowallia Our Home Depot and Lowe’s can be hit or miss. I have left empty handed on occasion. My first succulents were an indoor assortment from Altman Plants ordered from Amazon. Talk about excitement, I didn’t even know what I was getting! That was the beginning of my succulent addiction!
I love working at Home Depot because I see our plant selection in a daily basis! So many awesome things in rotation— and my desk is right near the succulent displays! 😂
@Vulture_sosunny I would never survive haha. I’d be bringing plants home daily. I saw neon pothos that were struggling but they were too far gone to pay full price for to bring home and save. Lots of birkins and philodendrons. It’s why I don’t get a cart lol. Once my hands are full I make myself leave LOL 😆
@Vulture_sosunny I would have succulents by the shelf full if I saw them on a daily basis!
@FitBrowallia OMG that is exactly what I do when I go online plant shopping! I look at everything I am interested in. The ones I really like are put in the cart. But I’m still not sure that I want them all. I review what is in the cart . And then I ask myself:” do I really need all these plants?” And the little voice says: “Nah , no you really don’t need any of them, besides you don’t have room for any more!”
What was I thinking 🤔?
@Vulture_sosunny I want to know your secret?? Having a desk right near a succulent display and you only have one (1) plant in your oasis?? How do you do it?? I am nowhere near a succulent display but I have a terribly difficult time not buying succulents/cacti!
@Ms.Persnickety yes indeed that exactly what happens. But half of the time I tell myself I deserve it and I buy a few more plants.
@KDkat3 I would be living in a flower bed not an apartment
@FitBrowallia Sadly, even if you deserve it but you have long since run out of room. That is a conundrum…
@Ms.Persnickety yes that’s the sad part no more space.
Home Depot soil is the worst !! Plant murderers 😂😳 atleast theirs people like us that try rescue them all lol.
@KDkat3 Yeah, unfortunately Home Depot doesn’t fully own our plants, it’s a partnership with the vendors, so we can’t do discounts unless specifically set by a vendor 😅 It sucks because I just know if we could sell rescue-plants at a discount rate they would go to great homes who could heal them! But also, probably good for my wallet. I’d be buying every clearance plant that hits the shelves 😂
@RefinedSandwort It is SO tempting 😤 luckily my boyfriend keeps me in check. “Daniele! We need to pay the rent this month!” 😂
@Ms.Persnickety LOL I was much worse but recently moved and had to gift a lot of my plants!! Starting from scratch now!