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Today I need to freshen many of my water plants; these are Silver Bays~ πŸͺ΄
I have hard water, so I have to periodically clean my glass vases with vinegar to keep them clear and pretty. And….. I’m going to try to use bottled water going forward.
It’s funny how the mineral buildup also gets on the roots.
#silverbay #waterplants #GregGang
Are you planning to keep them in water? The roots looks amazing!

How long have they been in the water?
@sarahsalith , hi Sarah, yes, keeping them in water. They’ve been water plants for about 2 years. 😁
I had a huge problem with fungus gnats, so I switched everything to water~ with the exception, of course, of my cacti and succulents. 🌡
@HyggeVibes that's so cool- when I reply my Silver Bays, I'm going to snip some stems and plop them in water. πŸ‘

Thanks for the idea!πŸͺ΄
@sarahsalith awesome!!! And make sure they get some great sunlight. Please keep me posted- I would love to see. I’ll show you another one when I get home.
@Kiersten , your page is so beautiful. 😍
Do you live in the SW?
@HyggeVibes OMG thank you!! Close, I live in the southeast down in New Orleans 🐊 ⚜️ We’re very lucky to have a subtropical climate and a (nearly!) year-round growing season!!
@Kiersten oh fun! I’m from Florida. In Michigan currently. Just bought a piece of the Sonoran Desert in AZ. Hope to move in about a year. 🌡 🏜
@Kiersten I might make a project of redoing all my photos.
@HyggeVibes That’s so exciting!! It’ll be cacti heaven 🀩🌡 I’ve got a few plant portraits to take so they all match but I’ve been too lazy πŸ˜…
After photos, and back in their happy pots. #water
@sarahsalith - and oops!!! Out of water. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
@sarahsalith , all better
I just got some cuttings that I have in water! I did not realize that they could stay here!
@GatherandGrow absolutely! πŸ₯°
@HyggeVibes have you tried Leca?? I just learned of it’s existence recently and bought two lbs. no gnats yet on my zebrina cutting.
@GatherandGrow and @HyggeVibes me neither!!! I do know peace Lillies can live with the roots in water. I hope to make that setup in a fish tank at some point.
@Jilliebeanstalk I’ve not. By the time I learned about it, I had already transitioned to water. My friend on IG loves it.
@Jilliebeanstalk that will be very pretty. 😍

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