Posted 6M ago by @Colin

Who is in our #denver #colorado Greg gang?

Here’s a great pic from Birdsall Garden, a local garden center and plant shop with 2 locations in the Denver area who just became a Greg partner!

They have one location in downtown Denver and one in Englewood. Check them out at and go say hello if you’re in the area!

Very nice!!
That’s so cool! I have some recommendations if you are ever looking for more potential partners
@PlantyPlanter Of course!! I would love to hear where you like to get plants, either online or in person 👌🏻
@Colin there is this contactless one near me. I’m planning on putting a QR code there but I think it would make sense especially because no one is there to help you or answer any questions so Greg would be very helpful!
@PlantyPlanter for sure! Contactless plant shop - interesting. What’s it called?
@Colin butterfly farms
@Colin they have a farm stand