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for #MonsteraMonday i redid the moss pole on Herman. #Monstera #MossPole #DIY #HappyPlants #MonsteraMob
0ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Did you DIY your own moss pole?
@calvina Yes I did!
@RJG can you pls share how you did it? I’ve been wanting to do the same.
@calvina i used plastic landscape netting and stuffed it full of sphagnum moss that is soaking wet. then i used zip ties to hold the edges of the landscape netting in place. at the end is a landscape stake to give it a base. the cut the ends of the zip ties.

As long as you stuff it full enough, it shouldn't need an internal support rod. The tension of the plastic netting plus the outward pressure of the sphagnum moss will hold it up.
Wow! I love it! Trying to figure out if I want to make my own or just purchase. This looks great, nice work.
i like it way more than the one it had before. the solid sphagnum moss holds more water and humidity than the poles you can buy online that generally have PVC in the middle. that's why i finally broke down and got it. materials in total were more than a single moss pole bough but I can make essentially as many as I want because the landscape netting is like 40"x25' so
Interesting thanks!!

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