Posted 3M ago by @Jclo

As long as I leave her alone… #HappyPlants #helicopterparent #HoyaPubicalyx
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 17 hours ago
My pubicalyx is one of my favorite plants! In the summer, it grows so fast I can tell each day by the new growth!

It really pays to back away and let a plant do it's thing. 
@sarahsalith she is definitely my favorite and my very first plant! I named her Queen for so many reasons. I am a new plant mom and thought the more water the better. I found out very quickly that she does not like to be watered often! 😅 She almost died on me and I was so devastated. I did so much research and now I’m a better plant mom and she’s happy as long as I admire her from a distance. 🥰
So great to see!

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