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Hey, New York City gang! I am having a BBQ + plantswap at my place two Sundays from now on September 25th from 12pm to 8pm (exact time might shift a little). I live in Astoria.

I am inviting a bunch of people, including many from various NYC plants communities. I would say about half will be plant lovers, and you are all welcome to stop by! Would love to meet some of you in person!

#kevinkiklee #NYCGregGang #PlantSwap
I'm sad I'm so far! I hope you have some Greggers come through!
@kevinkiklee sounds fun 😁 I think this date works for me!!
I am not in NYC but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
If you do this in the future please keep me in mind. It would definitely be worth the trip to meet some of you!
Hmmmmm πŸ€” I’m pretty far but definitely maybe for me.
Omggg!!! So COOL
This is awesome!!!
I just want to chill out there.... so nice! πŸ‘
Such an awesome view there. Only missing one thing some cactus.
I wish my girlfriend and I could go. Texas is way too far from unfortunately without flying.
Unless @RJG wants to drive. Lol would cost a little bit in gas money πŸ’° probably.
1w ago
😞 wish I could go
OMG I might go just to see your gorgeous plants in person
Damn wish I was closer!! Hope you all have a Blast!! πŸ’–πŸ’šπŸ’–πŸ’š
@kevinkiklee What!!! How did I miss this notification that’s awesome! It’s possible we might be able to come! We’ll be over in Astoria on Saturday to help a friend move so depending on how exhausted we are might be up for the trip the next day🀞
@PlantNerds that would be amazing! here is the event page

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