Posted 4M ago by @opheliaio

i’m so fed up with #fungusgnats !! i’m taking a 3-pronged attack: watering with beneficial nematodes, putting up sticky traps, and covering all the surface soil in my pots with sand. time to end the plague!
4M ago
good luck!! fungus gnats are so annoying
Have you tried mosquito dunks or bits?
I'm right with you!
I would try bonide systemic granules if the other methods don’t work. It’s the fastest way I’ve found to kill these guys
@Nataleaf i haven’t! where do you get them?
@AMG thank you for the tip!! where do you get them?
@opheliaio you can find them at most local nurseries, or Lowe’s/Home Depot. I haven’t used the granules, but I keep a dunk in all my watering cans and let it soak. All of my plants get watered with it (minus my carnivores.) It’s a bacterial method of control, and it’s pet safe too!

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