Posted 1M ago by @Colin

Just did a big chop on my #FiddleLeafFig, hoping it works out!
It had a branch that was sticking out about 5 feet horizontally, so needed to be cut back.
I cut it down, then made it into 4 sections that each have multiple nodes. Cut most of the leaves off and also trimmed back the remaining leaves to limit water loss.
Now they’re in a jar with water which I’ll try to remember to change regularly.
I’ll report back on this #pruning and #Propagation in a month or so.
How did I do, @RJG ?
@Colin I've never done the leaf cut back thing😲😲😲.

FLFs root quickly. I think we'll hear back from you sooner than a month.

Do you have SuperThrive? It's at Home Depot or lowes if not. Put like two drops in after each time you change the water
@RJG wow they were almost out on Amazon so I went ahead and snagged the 5 gallon size πŸ˜‚
FOR A $1000!?! I literally use a drop per half a cup of water 😲
I think I've been tricked πŸ˜‚
@RJG haha maybe just a little bit πŸ™ƒ
At a grand I was gonna fly to you and take half of it and fly home and still save money πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Looks like a great recommendation though, I will pick some up
@Colin I use it literally every time I water. Have a dropper and do 1 drop/ half cup
Oooo can’t wait to see progress. You’ll definitely see new growth in less than two weeks
@RJG is this an alternative to fertilizer or in the same family?
@PlantDaddyVibes I use it in addition. So w most of my plants Greg has me fertilize only ever 18-26 weeks, this I use every time I water. 1 drop/half a cup.
@RJG Awesome! Definitely may add this to my mix. Thank you!
@PlantDaddyVibes definitely worth investigating!
@jcPlantProper you were right, one week later and we have baby roots!! Little hard to see in the pics but they’re definitely there 😍

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