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#happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy she's so big and beautiful but she's WAY outgrown this hanging basket! I just hate to disturb her!
See is beautiful 🀩 πŸͺ΄
#rootporn halfway through 😲
#rootporn and a little further. But we both need a break! To be continued....
Well, she looks a little rough but hopefully she'll pull through. She lost a few leaves and tendrils but she won the battle! Which brings me to a question.... can the tendrils (or whatever they're called in the 2nd picture) be rooted as is?
Oh my gosh she’s beautiful!!!!! I’ve heard many say you need to either water prop the babies or you can soil prop them but I think they should still be connected to the mother plant (or mother ship when they are as big as yours is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). @JustPlainDee @JungleDreamer you guys may have some super helpful advice for @Lifeis2short
@Lifeis2short yes, you can prop them in soil and then snip them once they've rooted.
You can make so many more to share! And spread around
You don’t have to leave them connected. Just snip off and put in water or soil. They grow roots quickly. You can even place them in the pot you want them to grow in.
@Charli3Plant @AC73LoveCats @MorePlants13 @FitBrowalli @user1d3f6884 thank you all very much! I was hoping I could root the stem with the pups on it. I did snip more off the "mother ship" @MorePlants13 lol) and put them in water. I didn't know I could put them directly in the soil @Charli3Plant and @AC73LoveCats. Thanks again everyone!!
You’re welcome! Enjoy watching the babies grow!