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Check out my second attempt to make a living shower curtain. My first try with Rhipsalis Paradoxa worked pretty well but I couldn’t get it to grow long enough. I hope string of pearls will do the trick. I like how it looks already.
#HangingPlants #InteriorDesign
4ft to light, direct
20” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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@chw Wow! πŸ’š What a cool idea β€” very innovative & ambitious! πŸ™‚

If the SOP's don't work, there are so many more "string of things" to try too. β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ½ 🚿 🌿

[sharing my fav SOP #planthumor graphic that @sarahsalith enjoys so much! πŸ˜‚]

I'd think a String of Hearts could work nicely there.

I find SOH's prefer less sunlight and more humidity thank SOP's.

Best of luck! 🀞🏼

Please keep us updated on this cool experiment! πŸ€“
Some more pics.
That’s such an interesting idea! How long has this one been growing for? πŸ˜€
For about a year before I repotted it. There are pics in its profile.
I JUST SAW THIS IN YOUR MOMENTS!! It's AMAZING!!! MAN I'm glad you're on Greg! I can't wait to see this grow!!
Here was attempt #1
@sarahsalith thanks! (Figured out replies)
I love the Rhipsalis, but I think that the string of pearls is better, because they always seem to look ugly on the top. Good choice!
This is amazing!!
@PlantLoverLily thanks!
Saving! What an awesome idea!
Oh wow this is totally amazing, so glad you're on Greg and can keep us updated..I love this idea 😊
Oh my gosh I love this
Very unique, and I'll bet it is the perfect setting for great growth. Look forward to continued updates on this project.
Lol the plant name
wow that’s so cool!
Omg I’m so jealous. Gorgeous!!
Nice! Is there a light source?
Wow! This is a beautiful idea ❀️
This is too cool! I love this idea!!!!
WOW! This is such an awesome idea! Already looks so beautiful, can’t wait to see it grow! 😍
@roxyvivien this is great! Mullet seems to like this microclimate pretty well though a friend did overwater it when I was out of town and some of those green pearls turned into brown goop for sure.
@natello it lives below a skylight.
Such a great idea! Kee us updated!
@WOW , that’s a Super cool idea, unfortunately SOP’s hate me…
I needed something to cheer me up today and this just did it. Wow 🀩
This is so amazing!! Totally saving this idea for my future house! Amazing work!!
This is such a neat idea!!

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