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I am tickled to death!! Sorry took so long to post but uggghhhhh j love them soooo much!!!! The colors are immaculate and they are all around perfect. The heat and humidity did kinda rot some of the bits on the peperomia but I've Ben too scared to really dig in and check bc I know they just went through a lot. I am so happy you guys thank you @jcPlantProper #plantproper #plantproperfanclub #happyplants #planttherapy #plantstash #plantaddict #peperomiapals #calatheacrew #greggang #plantsmademedoit #plantshelfie #plantsmakepeoplehappy
Wow it looks so good it almost looks like a fake plant
@SirLiquorice that's hilarious that you say that bc EVERYONE who has seen it today and asked my why tf would I buy fake plants when I have all these real ones and then they gasp when I told them it's real
Yep I just asked someone else and they agreed it looks fake as well. It looks so awesome. I kinda want one of those now
Omg yes!!! Yeah the heat can do that but you can just snip it off with your finger nail. They’ll wanna recover for a bit for shre
Did you show Baesil all the new friends they won?
@RJG Baesil is pleasse to have more friends but also jealous bc he's stuck outside in the heats of hades while newbies are in the ac.

He seems to beπŸ€”.... 😐Green with envy😢 ... 😬πŸ₯΄
@KrunchyWrap πŸ₯ΈπŸ’€
@jcPlantProper the calethea leaves look a little dirty should I gently wipe them down a bit or just let them chill a bit before doing any form of grooming? I don't want to give them any more stress
@KrunchyWrap wiping them is fine. Some of the moss can come apart on them etc. but yeah I just wouldn’t mess w the roots
So pretty!
I just love #Peperomia they are such sweet little plants. Especially pink lady.
@Vinxy2 ooo there’s a pink piper?? Have to check it out πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’ž

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