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This is my #happyplace About 17 months ago, there wasn't much here. As I began recovery, I spent every night taking a bath, writing in my journal. Over time, I added plants, and they, too, became a part of my recovery - something to love and nurture. Now, I have a beautiful space, full of life, and hope. Each day, we all grow taller and stronger, together. This spot reminds me how far I've come - from empty to full of life. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, full of love, family, and plants! #520DaysSober
Congratulations! This looks like the perfect spot to unwind!!
This is wonderful @barbiesmith 😊
Congratulations!! And looks so cozy πŸ₯°
Congratulations on your recovery. I love what you done with your β€œme” place. It’s absolutely beautiful. ❀️
This is literal bathroom goalsssss 😍😍 omg! I would honestly bathe in there for hours just relaxing. I can see why it’s your happy place. You’ve created a beautiful space with your plant babies. Congrats! 😍🌱
Congratulations and I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend! ❀️
Such a peaceful place! Congratulations!
Beautiful space and story! πŸ’ͺπŸ’š
What a gorgeous oasis. Congratulations on your sobriety. Keep up the hard work.
How absolutely powerfully peaceful! I LOVE every bit of this. Congratulations, and I commend your strength. ❀️
Thank you all so much! ❀
I love it 😻
Congrats! I, too, am on a similar path. I've been gathering plants. Now to put more around the tub.
Congrats @barbiesmith!
Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your 520 days of sobriety πŸ’š
What a beautiful space you’ve created!
What a beautiful story, and a beautiful space!
This is a beautiful space and I’m beyond jealous! How much light to these bbs get?
@mori Thank you 😊 They are in an east facing window, so they get great morning sun, and then light throughout the rest of the day.
Congratulations!!! Looks really peaceful and cozy 😊!
Peaceful place! #HappyThanksLiving
Beautiful space, one day at a time! Congrats.
Gorgeous space! And congratulations on you recovery! Well done πŸ’•
Congratulations! Your space is a dream. Thank you for sharing it with us. ❀️
Beautiful room full of life :) πŸͺ΄
Your space is amazing! Looks very relaxing and cozy.
Awww! That’s beautiful!
I love everything about this!
Plants were a huge part of my recovery and staying sober. Congratulations love!
Congratulations for everyday of recovery β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή What a serene atmosphere!
Lovely!!! Now I have big goals for my bathroom when I own a home. πŸ€—
That’s great. So proud for you.
i need this in my life 😩❀️

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