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I have a mild fungus gnats problem that I've discovered recently I was
given this katchy since the cinnamon wasn't really doing anything but this here I swear it works I'm diggin this check
out my tik tok
#fungusgnats #pestbegone #PLANTMAFIA
Try throwing some Mosquito Bits in there. Fungus gnats murdered several of my plants before I got them under control and Mosquito Bits really helped. I use the Katchy too and they love getting themselves stuck to it.
@TheGoodWench I’ve tried those previously they don’t work 😞
@Intensekeii fungus gnats are such a pain!
I used a combination of neem oil and those yellow sticky traps, but it took a little while to resolve. Good luck!
I recommend hydrogen peroxide in your soil, and sticky traps.
Definitely need a combo of sticky traps and something else that will kill the larvae in the soil. You need to break the cycle. Once that's done, you're golden.

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