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There’s a plant called Baby Toes?!? My baby sister is the...

There’s a plant called Baby Toes?!?
My baby sister is the best! Not only has she joined me on this crazy plant obsession… she feeds it. She took a little trip to the Home Depots… and picked me up what I asked for… the baby toes, and then some. (And then some others not pictured here 😂).

I’m a little nervous. This is the first time I have succulents that I LOVE. 💕 I’m a little worried I’m going to love them to death… first things first, on that pinkish blue ‘Angel Kissed’ echeveria, is that a flower bud or a pup? Do I leave it or trim it?

And planters… they need to be shallow, correct? #SucculentSquad #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #BabyToes #crassula #lookatthosecolors #inlove #itrunsinthefamily #obsessed
Yep, it is going to bloom! You can keep it if you want to see the flowers. Or you can cut it off, cuz flower stalks take a lot of juice from the plant and it is big stress for them.
Is it Sedeveria Peridot?
@vvvelo thanks for the tip on the bloom. I think I will cut it as it is probably already stressed in a new location.

And yes! That’s is exactly what it is!
Baby toes 😂
Wow! How nice to have someone not only to join you in the plant obsession, but to feed it, too! That was a nice haul!
I love this plant. I’ll have to go find me one.
Woohoo! 👏👏👏. Yay, SIS!!
Oooh I got the lemon lime jade last week! It’s so pretty! And jade is so easy as far as succulents go. I recently got an Angel Kissed, too. 🤗 sorry I get inexplicably excited when I have the same plants as others 🤣 Awesome sister, awesome haul!
@RefinedSandwort @UltraKoreanfir it is, indeed! I may be biased, but I think she is pretty great.
@RousingSourwood it was Home Depot that had them!
@BabeVila so I went to Home Depot and saw the tricolor and passed on it. I saw the baby toes and passed on it. And she was heading there, and I asked for the baby toes. And she asked if the lemon lime was the one I had been looking at. I never even saw there was a lemon lime that day! I have seen it since and it is really pretty. I have never had a jade, so hearing that it is easy to care for is good!
Hello so i just bought this pretty succulent today at home depot. i’m a newbie at plants. how often do i water this and how much? do i also water it today that i just got it?
@FitHoyawaxplant is that the Elfstone? Since I don’t know when mine were watered I give like a tablespoon. That way I have a start date. Then, during summer, when they’re active, I water like every 2-3 weeks. In winter, I water every 4-5 weeks.
@TheOddAsity okay gotcha. No it’s a gibbiflora.
Planters should only be in half an inch to an inch bigger than the plant itself. They prefer to be root bound, and if there’s too much room, it can cause excess moisture when watering and cause root rot. Also make sure that you plant them high enough in the pot, so water doesn’t sit around the base of the flesh of the plant because that can also cause fungal and rotting issues as well. Only water when completely dry to be on the safe side it’s much more easy to recover a succulent from under watering than overwatering. Remember if you’re going to have them inside your water frequency will not be as much as if they were in full sun outside more sun equals more water, or more frequent watering and less sun means less watering and less frequent watering. A good way to tell if your plant needs water or your succulent specifically is if your leaves are not as firm as normal or you notice wrinkling when you squeeze them slightly. I only water when I notice my plant is showing these signs, because succulents can store a lot more water in their leaves and they can go a while without water, and be sufficient. I also recommend using a cactus soil with added pearlite for better drainage, which will help prevent soil compaction or hydrophobic soil in the future. or looking into maybe getting some gritty succulent Mix to mix in with cactus soil. It’s very important to use a good ratio that encourages good drainage, because too much water is a BIG problem for succs. It’s easy to over love your succulents, but one thing I’ve learned with mine is less is always more with them. The more you neglect them the more they will thrive. 💕🌿🫶🏻🪴
@TidyTigerpear thank you so much for explaining all of this! I bought these shallow planters that are long and I think I spaced them too far apart based off of your explanation. So I will remedy that. I also do have succulent soil and add perlite to it.
flower on the angel, leave it. Baby toes…I have some tales to tell
@FitHoyawaxplant that looks like an echeveria “perle von Neuremburg “ did you repot her?