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Officially a cactus clique member!

Y'all I am officially a member of the #cactusclique finally! My cacti from @EAS came in the #plantmail today! A couple pads fell off in transit, so I'm propping them... (:
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#paperspinecactus βœ”οΈ
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@EAS @SirLiquorice I usually spray new plants in case of unwanted travelers, but I'm new to cacti. Can they handle a rubbing alcohol/peroxide solution, or should I go with a gentler soap/oil/water/baking soda solution?
@RJG they had so many wishlist cacti!!! I will definitely be buying from them again in the future!! 😻😻😻😻
@WickedValkyrie try living in their backyard! πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚
@RJG I would probably end up with a cactus forest! πŸ˜‚πŸ–€
Funny you say that
Looks great! The paper spine pads fall off so easily sometimes but I’m glad it is mostly intact. We love seeing unboxing pics!
@EAS I knew a couple pads were bound to break off in the post, that just means I got two plants for the price of one right? 😜 Nah, but I always be propping my new plants anyways tho, so that just saved me the time and headache of breaking them off myself. πŸ˜‚πŸ–€
@WickedValkyrie just look at them closely for any pests. I don’t think you need to spray them or anything. Some cacti can get damaged or scars from alcohol but it may not damage those. Bonide 8 doesn’t seem to harsh so maybe something like that. But wouldn’t worry too much. If you don’t see any mealy bugs or anything then it should be okay. I have had sprays of some kinds and alcohol damage some cacti worse than the bugs did so I try to avoid it if I can. Systemic poison granules in the soil can work as a preventative. Bonide makes it.
@WickedValkyrie that’s what I did with my last large cactus I got as a preventative is I used bonide systemic poison granules in the soil when I repotted it as a preventative. But don’t use that on or near any plants you’re going to eat.
Those paper spine ones are so cool. Still one of my favorites out of all of mine
That paper spine is Amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that ☺️😍 @RJG nice setup!
Thank you @SirLiquorice I'll look into possibly getting some of that! (:
I'm so glad they had this little guy for only $15! I've wanted one for months! Lol
@AnnMarie420 isn't it nifty?? I saw @SirLiquorice's and I just had to have one! Lol
@RJG You’ve got the best looking cactus collection 🀩😍
Looking SO good!!!! 🀩🀩🀩
Love that paper spine cactus. @SirLiquorice has a gorgeous one too.😊