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🌸 It’s the best time of year to be a plant, and we’re celebrating long, sunny days with a photo contest allllll spring long!

πŸ† From now until the summer solstice on June 21st, share your best photos in a community post with the hashtag #SpringIntoSummer to enter!

We wanna see it all: new growth, blossoms, your favorite pots, cool bugs that visit, not-so-cool bugs that visit β€” show us everything you’ve got!

🌞 Each day the most-liked entry of the day will win a surprise plant from our friends at our fave partner nurseries (that’s 30 chances to win!!).

πŸ’• And on the solstice, the top 3 posts with the most likes overall will get to bring home a rare and exciting mystery plant!

πŸ—³ Cast your votes by visiting the #SpringIntoSummer community each day to like your favorite entries.

πŸ–‹ Fine Print:
β€” One entry per day. No spamming please!
β€” Contest begins 5/23/2022 at 8AM PT and closes 6/21/2022 at 12PM PT
β€” Non-US Residents will receive local cash equivalent (Grand Prize: $100 USD, Daily Prize: $30 USD)
β€” Daily prize will be selected from posts submitted between 12AM-11:59PM PT, and like count will be assessed at midnight the following day.
β€” Check out the Official Rules here:
#GregGang #GregTeam


Day 1: @KrunchyWrap
Day 2: @TempestasVulpis
Day 3: @Roserade
Come on, @Nallon

Ladybugs rule!οΏΌ
@GatherandGrow time for your #DewDropPlants to shine!
@Yeeha234 - I can't wait to see your collages! οΏΌ
Oh man, I love plants and I love taking pictures so this is right up my alley!
@RedDragonZ34 I just saw some of your flowers! They're gorgeous!! οΏΌ
@AguaViviente you are all over this beautiful country- I hope you join in!! 😁
Even plants play with shadow puppets when the sun is out! #SpringIntoSummer #GregGang
@Lemonlaw did you do a stand-alone post? Entries are their own posts ☺️
@RJG thanks!
Omg @cjred you have stunning photos of your plants always!!
@Lemonlaw of course! One entry per day so keep 'em coming!!!
@Lilyofthevalley - you take AMAZING pictures!! This is right up your alley!
Oh this is gonna be funnnn!
@sarahsalith where is the rest of the #crazyplantlady crew?
Bringing back the Resident frog at the farm πŸ₯° gonna look around for some more cool stuff to photograph ✨
i don’t think i’ll enter, but i’m excited to see y’all’s posts!!
@RJG oh boy!!!
@jcPlantProper THAT'S what I'm talkin about!! 🐸🐍
@arden why not Arden!? I'm sure you have fantastic things to photograph!!
@arden you should totally enter!! You have 30 chances to win!! And you have amazing plants! How's the lavender doing?
@sarahsalith I can't wait to see all these gorgeous πŸͺ΄photos! Thanks for the contest #gregteam and @Kiersten and @RJG !!
🚨🚨 Reminder to make your own post with the #SpringIntoSummer tag and not to rely here! 🚨🚨
@RJG @sarahsalith i’ll think about it lol
@Kiersten just want to confirm 12p PST so it hasn't started yet.
@RJG ohhhhhhhhhh ok
@PlantMompy 🫒 Thanks for noticing the typo! Contest began at 8AM PT, just fixed it in the post
@sarahsalith yay!!! I will need to get some new pics! Great reason to pull out the big girl camera and do a photo shoot!
@RJG as soon as I get home! πŸ˜„
2M ago
Yooo! I just charged my mom's old Cannon last night!
@zay the stars have aligned!! Show us whatchya got!
This is so exciting! My two favorite things!
So do we make a new post with the photo and the #SpringIntoSummer tag?
@ABCD yep!
@RJG lets do this hahahahah
Kinda feels like us Southern Hemisphere peeps and plants don’t exist 😫
@HoyaAddict 😭😭😭 I bet it does sometimes. Trust me, when it’s winter up here and y’all’s plants are thriving in the sun we feel the same way. We’ll be sure to have a make-up contest in the winter so you guys can show off your growth!!
@HoyaAddict you’re also welcome to share pics from last summer 🀫 🫒
@Kiersten If we have another in 6months that would be amazing 😍. I still have plenty of nice growth ☺️ no need to use summer pics, Just the difficult decision of who to photograph 🌱❀️ thanks for the cool competition
I’m on it!
I have two one new growths and the other I think it counts eating bugs right? #SpringIntoSummer
My unique babies in my collection πŸ₯° #Srp
@sarahsalith aww thank you 😊
@EvocativePalqui - you should get in on this contest!! (:
My two ficus girls ready to go to bed. Me too!! #SpringIntoSummer
Oooh exciting! Even more of an excuse to share some new photos now
@sarahsalith thanks, currently our truck has been in and out of the shop, and I’ve been away from my plant family and some didn’t make it. :( I’ll probably just cheer from the sidelines this round πŸ’šβœ¨
This will be fun, thanks for the great idea!
@AguaViviente man. That's awful. I'm sorry. I think of you when I have to put fuel in my truck- it's painful. Ezzi - you're a SUPERSTAR!!
Such a beautiful reminderβ€¦πŸ’–β˜€οΈπŸŒ±
The baby β€œdragon foot” unfurlingb πŸ’–β˜€οΈπŸŒ±
Is there a place where the winners will be announced?
@ABCD the winners will be announced in a community post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! The winners will be tagged and those posts will be linked to through this post once they’re up.

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