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A moss pole helped! @KristyGoldblatt I got the ones you recommended and they work great! #Monstera #MonsteraMob #PlantsMakePeopleHappy οΏΌ
16” pot
Last watered 3 days ago
Those are great moss poles! I love that you can keep stacking them!
@sarahsalith I thought that was pretty cool too!
Could you please tell me what kind of moss poles you got and where from? My Monstera needs one badly.
Yes, where did you get them?!? 😊
@TheGoodWench your are very welcome. Looks wonderful ❀️πŸ₯°
@TheGoodWench , where did you get your moss pole from?
Yeah I see the difference in your before and after pics. You plant looks so good.
Alphatool Full Length 68 Inch Coir Totem Pole- 6 Pcs 15.7 Inches Coco Coir Moss Totem Pole Indoor Plant Support Moss Stick Trellis for Training Potted Plants Climb & Grow Upwards
@R_L15748 I linked them in this thread πŸ™‚
@Nerskine I added the link below ☺️
@Reba I put the link for the ones I got below
@TheGoodWench thanks!
Thank you @KristyGoldblatt , I have followed your foot steps also, she really needs one badly and I bought one for my baby also
Great job @TheGoodWench. Polgara is a beauty. πŸ€—
@TheGoodWench thank you!

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