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New babies! Got home yesterday and was honestly and compl...

New babies! Got home yesterday and was honestly and completely EXHAUSTED so didn’t post until now. Went to Lowe’s during my grocery run and saw some new stuff! This is my first year of exploring the new opening season of fresh plants in stock and it’s exciting ❤️❤️❤️ I couldn’t go home without this cute variegated #ScheffleraArdoricola mini #UmbrellaPlant His colors are so pretty 🤩 They also had some gorgeous #BirdsNestFerns (this is my very first fern lol). Saw a picture of this plant in one of my books and fell in love with it. The bright green wavy foliage is so lovely 🥰 Also saw this #CallisiaPinkPanther hanging around and she seemed to be all by her lonesome. I don’t think they had anymore and if they did they were hiding. Look at this colorful thing! Is she not precious?!? I gave her a trim this morning and shaped her up. Her details are beautiful 😍 Can’t wait to see these babies grow this year. Absolutely so thankful I got to see the beginning of this season’s new arrivals and can’t wait to explore more later. #HappyPlants #PlantMom #PlantShopping #LowesDelivery #Ferns #VarigatedPlants #SoExcited #FirstOfTheYear
Wonderful plant haul! I’m loving the new plants this year, too. I keep going back every week to see what they have that’s new 🤭 I also got a dwarf umbrella tree last weekend! They’re so cute. All of your new plants are gorgeous ♥️
Nice, so exciting to get new plants. Congratulations 🎊
@BabeVila Thank you! Yep the plant centers are becoming my favorite place now. I might as well haul my bed over there and call it home 🤣🤣🤣
@plantfinatic Thank you 🤩
So what y’all are saying is I need to make a run to Lowe’s… that what I’m getting here? 😀
@MorePlants13 Go for it 😉