Posted 2M ago by @Marthamaywho92

My daughter and I planted these jumbo sunflowers and they are finally starting to bloom! They are well over 7 ft tall now and just look at how thick those stems are!!! #outdoorblooms #outdoorgrowing #sunflowers #floweringplants #bigplants #greggang #newgrowth #plantsmakepeoplehappy
i’ve always wanted to plant sunflowers outdoors but haven’t had any luck with them!!
Wow!. 7 feet! That’s fantastic. I’ve always wanted to grow sunflowers too.
Those are beautiful! I love sunflowers. I get them in my front planter sometimes because that’s where the bird feeder is and the sunflower seeds fall into the soil!
That's awesome!! They look great....definitely #plantgoals. I can never get sunflowers to grow that tall. Nice work.

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