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#PetsOfGreg #DogsOfGreg I just can’t with her sometimes. #rollersin
My two are the same way, they are 6 and 9 lbs but take over the bed LOL 🤣
@Sassylimey something like that. Willie (the black n white) will go onto the couch no problem when I ask him to. They’re simply irresistible. 🎸
Awwww!!!! I don't have a dog that would let in my bed- your dogs are so cute! My Lola is a big 100 pound, lake dog. She smells so bad after playing in the lake!
@sarahsalith she’s so pretty!!!!
@sarahsalith mine both have three legs so we go for optimum comfort. Willie just got his first injection on Friday for heart worms. He was coughing a few months ago and it turns out he’s positive for hwm. When he behaves he gets to sleep with us. Otherwise he gets the boot. He’s so smart though, he sleeps below my feet to go un noticed since I’m only 5ft. And Peggy thinks she’s a cat so takes up minimal space 🐱
🥺 Sorry about the heart worms- that's no fun. Enjoy your fur babies. They are so cute!

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