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Not the prettiest… but it works!! 🥳Had to build a makeshift greenhouse until my glass bookshelf arrives and my plants are LOVING it. Might end up making more around the house because who couldn’t use more plant space?? 😅 So cheap compared to what I ordered… why didn’t I do this sooner. And thank you, Seattle snow, for my delayed shipping ☃️🥲 #Greenhouse #PolkaDotPlant #Monstera #NervePlant #FernFriends #BirdsNestFern #hoyakerrii #HappyPlants #basil #Diffenbachia #SilverSatinPothos #GoldenPothos #MonsteraAdonsonii #PothosPack #WatermelonDischidia #plantsonabudget #PlantingOnABudget

- shower curtain liners
- velcro strips
- velcro sticky dots
- bamboo stakes for support
- hot glue + glue gun
- double sided mounting tape
- green plant wire (support)

Total cost: Around $10-20, depending on size

I got everything at the dollar store except the bamboo stakes, those are home depot for ~$6 and I already had them on hand, so not included in my total
This is awesome Terralyn!
@Terrralyn Thank you for sharing! Make sure to add the #PlantingOnABudget tag as well! Using this idea 🤭🤭
@kscape omg you’re right, i didnt even know that was a thing!! Thank you for introducing me🥰

Good luck!! I want to see when it’s done!! ☺️
@kscape well now I need to obsess over the new hashtag 🤣