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Good morning #Greggers ! It is a nice morning for #coffeewithsucculents with #gregmug I hope everyone is doing well. Let’s share pics of your baby succulents. You can see 2 tiny Jade plants on the first picture and ghost plant on the second pic. #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Jade #GhostPlant #Sedum #Succulents #AloeVera #Aloe #Moonstone #sedumclavatum
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Your succulents are amazing! How long have you been collecting?? I dream of drinking coffee with my plants out of a Greg mug one day πŸ˜‚
@AshleyK a year, I guess….
@vvvelo nice!! I feel like im not too good with succulents yet but I keep trying πŸ˜‚
Way to kick off #WhatTheSuccWednesday Vladimir!
Good morning @vvvelo
I've got baby succs and of course Groot (my favourite planter) showing off Gamora one of my Hobbit jades, and Groot sitting there ogling πŸ‘€ Pandi, my Panda plant. Freda my other Hobbit Jade is recovering nicely from a lamp falling on her, she got new growth and 2 tiny bebe's growing on the soil.
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Good morning all. I’m not sure if these are succulent, I’ll share nevertheless οΏΌ
@SMM yes those are succulents!
Good morning! I think my wax plant qualifies as a succulent right? She is busting loose with little babies. So cute!
And I put this echeveria outside and it has been loving all the direct sunlight. I think my newest #whatthesucc ummm.. I forgot the name.. but I think it might be trying to grow a flower in the middle!

Oh and im not a coffee person but my tea was extra sweet in my #gregmug this morning #teawithsucculents #whatthesuccwednesday
Here is mine😍 love them all!
@Nailya do you have sunroom for them?
Good morning my friends! The Black Plague continues to ravage my girls and it got my citronella begonia I’ve had for a decade. I salvaged the top which still looked okay. Lots of leaves propping!
I believe this is a gollum jade. I love all the new growth it’s giving!
Ummm looks like my dream has come true lol 😱
I love the succulents beside your coffee mug! They reminds me of organ pipes. What are they?
My sweet babies.
PBS has an amazing documentary on desert life and you won't believe these succulents... The Green Planet

Desert Worlds

Sir David Attenborough explores the hostile world of the desert, where plants can spend decades waiting for rain or travel to find it. Survival tactics include using weapons, camouflage and forming surprising alliances with animals.
@FullMarimo pretty plants! 🀩🀩🀩