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Where are all the #sansfans?

It's #slithersunday and I love all the snake plants. I want all the snake plants. We need a #snakeplant swap so we ALL can get ALL the snake plants. πŸ˜† 🀣

Who wants in on a #snakeplantswap ???
#plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #happyplants #succulentsquad
I only have a whale fin and night owl but have been wanting more 😩😩
@kscape email me and I will send you some babies and some leaf cuttings!!!
@angelw1975 check ur inbox πŸ’– I may do the same 😌
@kscape check yours!!
Awww! 😊 That's was such a sweet exchange.
@kscape and Angel!
I've gotta say- I love your cacti! Next time I prop mine, I'm going to line them up like this. πŸ‘

But I have a question, Angel: what is the name of the sansevieria in the beige pot? That one is cool and floppy.
@sarahsalith Sansevieria 'Cleopatra'
I love you’re line up so many beautiful ones 😊
What’s this?!?!
@Mrgncrch I believe that’s a franscicii
@angelw1975 I AM A HUGE #sansfans !!!! Love me all the snake plants 🀀
@Mrgncrch sansevieria francisii
@angelw1975 I need it
Your collection is INSANE!! I have 2 kinds right now (both pretty basic) but they’re awesome plants and I’m excited to someday get more!
I keep almost all of mine in my bedroom because I read they suck up CO2 at night (via CAM). Although now naysayers claim you'd need 100s to improve the air quality...and to that I say "Challenge accepted"!!!!
@tango feel free to email me your address and I can send some FREE clippings!
I love mine, too!! I'm always looking for more and just propped leaf cuttings for the first time this year and have pups on them 😍

I just brought in my biggest for winter and I think I'm going to make some pots out of her leaves that are leaning out of the pot. My email is in my oasis if anyone would like some, she's a laurentii!
Oh wow, they're beautiful! I've been wanting a snake plant for a long time now since I don't have any but I had no idea that there was THAT many types
@ShinyBudew do you want some clippings?
@chinz feel free to email me your address for some free clippings/pups
@Mrgncrch emaile and I will send you a leaf or two of the francisii
@angelw1975 i love that kirkii sans but I have no space legit πŸ₯Ί
I love the plant shelf and those pots!! 😍
@angelw1975 that’s ok haha- thx for the offer though!! I js don’t give out my address except to people I meet irl. 😁
@Mrgncrch hope this will help you. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š
@angelw1975 okay!! It’s 😊
@Gei17 Thank you 😊
These are amazing! I have a few snake plants but all are the same type, I didn’t know there were so many! They’re all so unique and beautiful!
Omg! Your collection is FANTASTIC! I was just looking at the Cleopatra yesterday on the BWH website. Im a huge #sansfan I have a few in my collection and I'm always admiring. A.. I think it's a jade.. just simple completely green.. is on my list.. so easy to care for and so beautiful!
Are all of snake’s spoken for?
@Kace nope!!! I'm pulling babies and cutting leaves today!!!
@Kace if interested shoot me an email
@angelw1975 I will, thank you! I don’t have snakes to share. I was trying to mentally figure out what else I could share. πŸ˜‚
@Kace I'm trying to update my oasis and get everything entered... I'd prefer you just pay it forward and offer someone else something they don't have!!
@angelw1975 email sent! Let me know if you got it
@chinz I got it!!!
@chinz join our #gagreggang!!!
@angelw1975 That Francisi is missing in my collection where is the best place to get one from?

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