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Listen, I repotted my pothos, she has a well draining pot and a cedar plank she’s velcroed to butttttt PSA don’t do it by yourself late at night 🤦🏻‍♀️ you will not achieve what you wish to achieve (thanks mom for coming to the rescue 🥹) first off I take her out of the nursery pot and I see 2 inches at the bottom of rotten black roots and I’m horrified this is the densest soil I’ve ever seen in my planty life okay. i mean it was still so wet I haven’t watered in over 3 weeks waiting for it to dry out 😩 I didn’t know how bad it was until now. i get everything cleaned off bad roots off and tearing off the roots from the plank it’s on has never been more sad it was awful I hope it’s okay, I’ve never done this before I hoped for the best and idk please tell me I didn’t absolutely ruin my baby 🤦🏻‍♀️ #NKYGregGroup #GregGang #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #GoldenPothos #largeplants #plantmommo #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #PlantTherapy
You have great intuition, found and fixed the problem and showered her with kindness and love. I would never think you ruined her baby...I think she looks better already! Some TLC from you and she will boom with gratitude growth. Great job. Please keep us updated on her progress. 🥰😍
What a beautiful pothos!! They’re strong, I’m sure she’ll survive! And moms really are the best when it comes to plant help. 🥰
Awww sending pothos hugs. I had to fight my moms golden pothos last night tooooo. It was a mess of layers of circles choking roots with million year old dirt in the center.. I hope it makes it. I definitely had to cut some roots. But they are strong plants so hopefully both of ours will bounce back 💚🌱
@ManyLime so many roots! 😱
@fabiana that was just the SURFACE. Under that was 2 more layers of roots wrapped around the top of the plant 😩
@ManyLime ugh I could imagine 😣
Pothos are oober tough. Water it in, then let it dry out for several weeks. They’re pretty drought tolerant and resilient.
I had no idea pothos leaves got so large! Stunning!
@cascadianroots Climbing up something they get big and happy!!

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