Posted 3w ago by @NewAddiction

2 new babies ~ Terry the #MonsteraAdansonii and Tony the #GoldenPothos... I think my partner is questioning my mentality right now πŸ˜… But I love them all 😍
These are great!!! Welcome to Greg!!!
Welcome! The pothos looks more like a neon pothos instead of a golden pothos.
@AwesomePlants Greg recommended it as a Golden Pothos, I am new to the house plants... I have a Mini Monstera "Tilly" and Anthurium "Tyler" currently who got me into being a green thumb 😬😊
@NewAddiction it's okay, Greg is still learning. I agree with @AwesomePlants
I loveeee these two plants. they grow soooo quickly and are so easy to propogate too!
Congratulations on the new plants πŸͺ΄. So much fun!

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