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@FitSedum did you get an #Ikea cabinet? Loving that setup!😍
Also, you use leca for some of your anthurium props? Any advice? I think I want to use it to establish some ecuador philo roots instead of sphagnum.
@AwesomePlants I have two ikea cabinets. One is the Milsbo and the other is the Fabrikor. I had to move the plants out of the Fabrikor and into the Milsbo because my choco red Gloriosum is too tall. It needs the cabinet to itself until I move the upper shelf. 😅 I do use Leca. I use it as a lower layer in the pots to keep the roots from soaking in water. I prefer a mix of Premium Orchid bark with charcoal, a bit of Sphagnum, tropical plant soil, and a touch more Leca for my plants. I pot them in slatted orchid pots to help them get air to the roots. When mixing the mediums, I try to make sure it remains chunky so that the roots can breathe and not become waterlogged. I use a clear plastic dish under every pot to hold water and let it wick upwards when I water. But if you are rooting a cutting, my best suggestion is to get a small fish tank with lights and mix a little soil, Leca, orchid bark and lots of sphagnum as the medium you’ll root in. Moisten the moss and spritz the medium a bit. It really should be majority moss so don’t be hesitant about adding that moss to your mix when rooting. Plant the cutting. Put the lid on the tank and Saran Wrap the entire thing to weatherproof it. Plug in the lights and check on your cutting every day. It’ll be in its own stable environment and the nutrients from the bark and soil will help feed the plant. It may get foggy in there but that’s ok. It’s supposed to. It’s what makes the node root and grow. You’ll need the constant light to promote rooting and growth so don’t turn it off. I also recommend only adding 1/2 cup of water to the far side of the tank away from your cutting if it’s a 20 gallon tank. I’ve done this with a nearly dead Glouriousum chonk and it’s about to outgrow the tank height. I’m pressed to repot it and move it to my cabinet but I need another one since my choco red is taking up a lot of space in the Fabrikor.

Here’s my Milsbo right now.
@FitSedum THANK YOU!

I have them in sphagnum now but I didn't realize I needed to treat it before using. They had mites and they are ridiculously hard to get rid of in the sphagnum. I've been dealing with it for like a month. Rinsing, spraying, using new sphagnum, but they like the moss. None of the plants are damaged looking (no webs) and they are all growing, but I can't with anything crawling.
@AwesomePlants here’s the Fabrikor with the choco red G. I’m in the process of cleaning it but if you notice the bamboo sticks, she’s really too wide for that cabinet. I may just remove her altogether and let her fall open. She’s growing h another leaf and I expect it to be larger than the last one. It’s pretty large right now. This one was grown in that blend and she loves it. I just too her off every few months as it decomposes.

Side note: Philodendrons like to be fed. So, rather than give them plant food, let them consume the organics in the decomposing bark. Just make sure it can hold a little bit of water and it doesn’t run straight through like orchid bark does. This is why the orchid pots are handy. You can see the roots and can see if they need water. The glass fish tank will let you preserve the foliage of your cutting while catering to the needs of the node. If you have anymore questions, let me know.
@AwesomePlantsOops! I forget to add the other picture of the choco in the Fabrikor! 😅
I loooove that setup! I've been waiting for one to come back in stock bearby. I want to get at least one Milsbo. Most of my philos have done a great job adjusting to my temps and humidity, but there a few that want warmer temps and higher humidity.
@FitSedum I did get the orchid bark like you suggested about a month ago and they 💖 it!

All of my philos have grown so much once I repotted with the new potting mix.
@FitSedum orchid pots? Do you bottom water with those pots? Where you get yours in bulk from? I wouldn't mind using those with the soil mix once the roots establish on these philos in sphagnum.

I like the idea of being able to see the roots as I start adding more expensive philos. I want to know what's going on down below.
@AwesomePlants I use Bonide in water as a solution. I have water reserved for my indoor plants that is just tap water but it has to rest for a minimum of 24 hours before usage. I started pouring 1/8 cup of bonide systemic granules in the water pot once I filled it. Stir it and cover it. Do not boil it. The insecticide is mildly turned into a liquid form as it sits in water. I stir it before using it but don’t worry about the granules. This helps give the plants a mild dose of insecticide they can absorb without harming them. You can pour it into the soil too if you prefer top watering. I leave so@e if the water in the pot and just refill it then let it rest until the next watering day. You should see a decrease in pests too. But, I will say that some mites are beneficial and they help break down the bark and moss. It’s their thing so keep all of this in mind when you don’t see damage as well as when you do see damage. Make sure no one uses that water either if it’s not for plants . It won’t end well. 😬
@AwesomePlants I got them from Amazon.Here are several links:

Multi-size: rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot - 8 Pots - 2 Each of 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch

You can pick your preferred size here if you only want one size: YIKUSH Orchid Pots with Holes Clear Orchid Pot Plastic Plant Pot Flower Pots Outdoor and Indoor Use 5.5 inch 10Pack
@AwesomePlants I’m so glad your plants loved the mix! It’s really good for them. It’s in their natural environment and they really need that to thrive!
@FitSedum I thought they may have been soil mites which are the good guys, but in moss, but they aren't supposed to be seen on leaves and stems? Just in the soil or this case moss? I generally can't see them unless I use my magnifying glass, 🤦🏿‍♀️ or stare intently waiting to see if ANYTHING is moving, which I use to inspect my babies often.
@AwesomePlants they come up at night but I’d treat the medium. Treat it at night so you can catch them when they aren’t hiding. Or get up really early in the morning and treat. Make sure you don’t expose the plant to bright lights if you wet the foliage.
@FitSedum Thanks. I got a bunch more sphagnum. I'm going to soak it to hopefully drown any suckers then treat with Natria, then soak again. Maybe several times vefore I repot these with new sphagnum and rinse off each plant. I hope that process helps because quarantine spots are limited.
@AwesomePlants I feel that. I have very limited spaces for quarantined plants. I saw and treated my patio plants for spider mites yesterday. I was so afraid to bring them in I hosed myself down with the water hose and changed clothing in the garage only to race upstairs to make sure I didn’t walk past any of my beloved plants on the way to my bathroom. I’m cleaning the house top to bottom. They give me the creepy crawlers. 😵😮‍💨
@FitSedum Thank you soooo much!! I'll keep you updated on their progress! 💖

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