Posted 2w ago by @Etjax

I just went to water my monstera and noticed little mushrooms in the pot! Should I remove them or let them decompose?
10” pot
Last watered 4 days ago
@Etjax it’s fungi. If Plant is otherwise healthy, spray with neem oil or a fungicide. But I would repot into fresh soil that drains well.
This is a freshly potted plant with fresh soil and compost and drainage holes in the pot. I’m assuming the mushrooms/fungi are due to the compost mixture. I’m not concerned about spread, since these already appear to be dying. Just curious if someone actually knows what they may be or has seen them before.
Mushrooms growing on soil are perfectly fine. They are beneficial to the soil. If your concern is having mushroom spores flying all over your house, it's best to manually pluck them and dispose.
@Sherman_Tan is correct. The mushrooms won't hurt a thing and are a sign of rich, moist soil.

Because they like moisture and have popped up I would carefully check the soil before your next watering to be sure it is draining well and watering is in fact needed.

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