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How do you keep your succulents alive? This is a jelly bean plant- in its final stages of life. Teach me how to keep them alive please! I somehow kill them every time. #SucculentSquad
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@sarahsalith Awesome!!! Thank you so much! Doing that now!
I’d say it has root rot. Do you use succulents mix soil? You probably overwatering your plant. Does it get a lot of sun? It looks stretched. So I guess it does NOT get enough bright light.
@vvvelo i’m thinking overwatering is the problem. I read that they like dry soil. I water once every 10 days. Is that still too much? I used the succulent soil mix from miracle grow. It’s getting enough light I think.
@GenialBegonia I use miracle grow mix either. In my opinion this mix just ok. I’d add more perlite into it, or rocks just to make it more gritty. I noticed that this mix does not drain fast that is why we have to mix it with more perlite. 10 days is enough yeah but make sure the soil is dry before you water it. And also your pot has to have a lot of drainage hole to drain water 💦 from the pot.
@vvvelo great thank you! I also just reread your previous comment and realized you were saying that it probably isn’t getting enough light. I will move it so that it gets better lighting. Any recommendations to try and save these last few stems from completely dying or is there little chance at saving what’s left of it? I have some perlite so I’ll add that and make sure there’s plenty of drainage. I do have some holes that I drilled at the bottom of the pot.
@GenialBegonia cut it like I showed on the photo. Keep the pieces that I pointed with red arrows. Everything else you can throw away. Those parts are slowly rotting and you can’t save them. Those two cuttings deep into cinnamon to disinfect the cut from rot. Put those cuttings into bright but no sunlight place for 4 days, so the cut can heal and dry. In 4 days place the cutting on top of dry soil and pot. Put the pot into warm bright spot, but no direct sunlight. In a week or two you may see (or may not) roots. If you see roots there you can start misting the soil with water every 2-3 days.
@vvvelo thank you sooooooo muchhh!!!!
@vvvelo is on top of this!!

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