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Day 4 of satin #pothos water propagation with golden poth...

Day 4 of satin #pothos water propagation with golden pothos...

So I've heard about the hormone auxin from golden pothos helps slow growers, so I decided to test it myself! And guess what I've found?

There are 2 satin pothos cutting in the water as you can see from the pic 3. One satin has 3 leaves while the other one has 4 leaves. The water is sort of yellowish and dirty, because I put the pest resistance pills in the water that result yellowish, while I used rooting hormone on the satin pothos which the powder slowly dropped off from the satin roots that is making the water looks dirty, but don't worry, the water is clean and fungus/mould free.

So after 4 days of water propagating together with my golden pothos, I'm seeing some results on the 2 cuttings of satin pothos.

In pic 1, the satin with 3 leaves has grown out 2 really amazing roots from her aerial roots. She has 5 aerial roots with 3 leaves.

While in pic 2, the satin with 4 leaves has started growing root from her toppest aerial root. She has 3 aerial roots and 1 normal root. She's growing a bit slow because she has more leaves and lesser roots, so I don't blame her, but I'm happy they are finally starting to grow roots from their aerial roots! 😍😘
That's a great little transparent propagation pot.

I can't tell - is it a self watering pot or something you fit together yourself?

(I, too, like to give a little extra zip to my propagation water by adding a pothos cutting in addition to the rooting powder 👍🌷)
@CorvidFan I fit the pot together myself. The original self watering pot is too big and too long for such small plants, and to change the water once a week is sort of wasting a lot of water, so I found a small plastic container that suits the size of the plants.