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#GregFeedback What does everyone think about propagation tips/reminders like when to change your water for props or when to moisten the soil for soil props? As a newbie, I struggle with how moist my soil should be for different plant props. #PropagationStation #Propagation #waterpropagation #soilpropagation #plantproper
Omg yesss! Love the idea of propagation tracking!!
I would like this as well, I’ve been scared to propagate but this would help!
You can add your water props as a plant and Greg will remind you to water which then you'll just change the water. For the soil type, you'd select water.
Setting up a water prop work around.
I live for this idea! πŸ’‘
I'm very much getting into propagating and would benefit from it immensely!
@AwesomePlants wow 🀩 you are right! Thank you for showing me this feature. @GreenWitchRN please look at @AwesomePlants comment above ⬆️
Just wait until our tips and guides features come out next week!! 😊
Will that be included for Android users also, next week @RJG ?
@Sassylimey eventually πŸ˜…
@Sassylimey I think next week!
@RJG No soil moisture info for@props, though.
@GreenWitchRN I think we're working on it right now! Any other specific guides you would like?

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